I397-ZwiebelThe <Zwiebel> (a green onion when unidentified) is a Staff weapon that's randomly dropped by farmers in Elona+ (1/200). It can be found both in Yowyn and in party quests. It's carried, not randomly generated after death, so it will show up in the art.log file before the farmer that is carrying it is killed.

Although it is a precious item, because it is made of raw material it can be eaten. Setting the weapon to no-drop by opening the eXamine menu and pressing * when hovering over the item can prevent this from accidentally happening. Pets will not eat it, and it seems that NPCs with the scavenge special action will not target it.

The Grow Perception, Grow Dexterity and Grow Constitution blessings caused by eating the item are strength 15.

Etymology and Trivia Edit

"Zwiebel" is a German word meaning "onion". Though the weapon is a green onion, "zwiebel" is more commonly used to refer to bulb onions.

Additionally, its status as both a weapon and an edible item may refer to Hatsune Miku's memetic affiliation to green onions, both as favorite food and favorite weapon. It seems more likely that this is a reference to the specialty item of Farfetch'd, the Stick, from Pokemon as evidenced by the fact that it boosts the rate of critical hits when wielded by a Farfetch'd.


It weighs 0.3s
Item-basicIt is made of raw
Item-basicIt is precious
Item-weaponIt can be wielded as a weapon. (3d3 Pierce 0%)
Item-weaponIt is a light weapon
Item-weaponIt modifies hit bonus by 5 and damage bonus by 5.
Item-maintainIt maintains Perception.
Item-maintainIt maintains Dexterity.
Item-maintainIt maintains Constitution.
Item-skillIt improves your Eye of Mind skill. [#####+] (+25)
Item-specialIt increases your chance to deliver critical hits. [#####+] (800)
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The image ID for the <Zwiebel> is 397.