ヨウィン Yowin
Icon village
You see a small town, Yowyn. You remember fondly the smell of the soil.
Region North Tyris
Location (43,32)
Music mcVillage1

Yowyn is a farming town to the southeast of Vernis. It often has a lot of The Harvest Time quests. This town has no bartender, so it is impossible to resurrect your party members here.


  • Innkeeper
  • Trader
  • General Vendor
  • Goods Vendor
  • Horse Master


  • Inn
  • Trainer
  • Identifier
  • Informer

What's unique?Edit

  • Horse Master
lame horse 1073 gold, available at level 1
wild horse 1637 gold, available at level 1
Noyel horse 2500 gold, available at level 10
Yowyn horse 3610 gold, available at level 20
wild horse 4802 gold, available at level 30
Giraffe 13508 gold, available at level 70 (Elona+ only)
  • Lots of vegetables growing on the ground, which you can eat for free like the bread sticks found in bakeries.
    • Be careful, as some of these crops may be cursed.

Notable NPC'sEdit

  • <Tam> the Cat Hater
  • <Gwen> the Innocent
    • You cannot talk to her. She just follows you around town.
    • Since she is a named NPC, and there is no karma penalty for killing NPCs you can't talk to, many players repeatedly kill Gwen as an easy way of raising Museum Rank.
    • Another reason to kill her is that, perhaps ironically, she may rarely drop the secret treasure of the saint.
  • <Gilbert> the Carnel
    • Gives the Defense Line quest to those with sufficient fame.
    • I think it's supposed to be colonel instead of carnel?
  • <Ainc> the Novice Knight

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