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Yeeks are small goblinoid creatures that come in several varieties.

Types of Yeek Edit

Regular Yeek Edit

Regular Yeeks are very low-level enemies that are incredibly easy to kill. They only have a melee attack, and have very low HP. The only way for them to become a real problem is to encounter a large pack of them early on, in which case you should either use area-of-effect attacks and spells, or run.

Yeek Warrior Edit

Yeek Warriors are a rarer spawn than regular Yeeks, which are slightly tougher and do a bit more damage than a regular Yeek. They're still nothing to fear.

Kamikaze Yeek Edit

Kamikaze Yeeks are slightly higher level than Regular Yeeks. They must be killed from range, lest they detonate their exposives and do massive damage to everything in a two-square radius of them. At higher levels and with better armor, you will barely take damage from Kamikaze Yeeks, and can actually use them to dispatch of hordes of weaker enemies that will die in one hit from the explosion.

Yeek Archer Edit

Yeek Archer are a ranged version of the Yeek Warrior. They're still nothing to fear.

Yeek Wizard Edit

Yeek Wizards attack from range with spells. They have little armor and are relatively easy to kill. Their main source of damage is summoning other Yeeks, which can result in a literally endless cycle of Yeeks attacking you. It is best to target (* on the numpad by default) them first and kill them from range.

Yeek Master Edit

Yeek Masters are a beefed-up version of Yeek Wizards, and are a mid-to-high level monster. They have a blinding ranged attack, which will prevent you from firing your ranged weapon. It is reccomended to take a few potshots at them to kill them, and leave up the stairs if you are blinded.

Yeek Chief Edit

The Yeek Chief is the highest level Yeek of them all. There is only one Yeek Chief, located in the Yeek Cave near Yowyn. Slaying him is part of a quest for Ainc the Novice Knight in Yowyn. The Yeek Chief (like all boss monsters) can bust through walls. He is capable of healing himself quite a bit, and has several Yeek Wizards and Yeek Masters around him to summon additional Yeeks to his side.

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