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Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: None 0 Icon-constitutionCon: None 0 Icon-dexterityDex: None 0
Icon-perceptionPer: Little 2-4 Icon-learningLea: Slight 1-3 Icon-willWil: Not Bad 4-8
Icon-magicMag: Good 5-10 Icon-charismaCha: None 0
Starting Skills

Short Sword and Stave
Magic Capacity
Light Armor
Magic Device
Jeweler (Elona+ only)

The Wizard. Master of the Arcane, the Eldritch, and the Esoteric. A pity all those years have left little time to build muscles or quick reflexes. Still, they do have some small skill with staff and short sword. And while they start out so feeble Purits[sic] scare them, with a few books under their belt, and a little practice, a Wizard will soon decimate legions. Their motto: "If it's not on fire now, it will be soon."

Wizards are severely underpowered in the beginning; even with the starting spellbooks they will very quickly find themselves in big trouble as soon as spell stock gets depleted unless they are lucky. A starting wizard should mainly depend on his or her pets, only using magic dart to aid the pet against stronger monsters. Wizards should also join the Mages' Guild as soon as possible, so as to have a steady and reliable stream of spellbooks.

However, wizards who make it past the initial hurdle will find that they get to play with the most diverse set of weaponry in the game: their spells. Laugh at the archers, yawning as they hold on to the trigger of their guns, or nock their bows, while you toy around with fire bolts, dark eyes, teleports, raging roars, and a return spell to top it all off when you are done with the pretty effects. Given a lot of time and harvested money, you can even grow to hurl rocks at rogue hordes or dominate spiral kings and Yiths to make them very powerful personal slaves.

Any god is good for a caster, except Mani. In particular, Itzpalt can bring a high Magic bonus, so those Darts hit harder; Jure's Will bonus can make casting Healing Rain and Healing Touch on pets more worthwhile; and Kumiromi can yield a Learning and Literacy bonus, along with more magical and unknown seeds to sprout those all-important spellbooks.

Note that playing a wizard is much easier in Elona+:

  • Itzpalt accepts rods as sacrifices rather than staves, making it easier to gain favor.
  • The cost of spellbooks has been cut by one half.
  • Your spell stock will last three times as long.
  • Your spell potential for the spells you have memorized increases every time you sleep.
  • If a spellbook reading failure summons monsters into a town, they'll disappear after a few days (though they won't disappear if summoned in your home, the Truce Ground, permanent dungeons, and other places where dropped items are permanent).

Starting Equipment Edit

  • a bronze weapon
    • scimitar (3d2)(1)
    • staff (1d6)
    • long staff (2d3)
    • wakizashi (4d3+1)(1) or (4d2+1)
    • dagger (2d4)(1) or (2d3)(1)
  • a cloth robe [3,0] or [4,0]
  • a cloth light cloak [1,0]
  • 2 rings, either cloth decorative or bronze engagement
  • a cloth decorative or bronze engagement amulet
  • 2 bottles of crim ale
  • a spellbook of minor teleportation (Charges: 1-5)
  • 3 spellbooks of magic arrow (Charges: 2-8)
  • 4 rations
  • 8 cargoes of traveler's food


  • the cloth robe and cloak may be bronze
  • the cloth decorative ring may be raw
  • the bronze engagement ring may be cloth
  • artifacts seen:
    • a mighty cloth engagement ring (maintains magic, negates fear)
    • a cloth engagement ring of resist paralysis (improves Evasion ##, negates paralysis)

Class FeatEdit

In Elona+ There was added Class Feats, in which each class got a special bonus, the Wizard got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Circulation magic] Reduces MP consumption MP consumption decreases 10%

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