Wife collector
361-Raphael(Elona )
I was asked by Raphael of Port Kapul to bring my wife. What a moron.
Quest giver Raphael the womanizer
Location Port Kapul
Rec. level 3
Requirements None
Task bring him a married pet
Reward 2 Unicorn Horns
5000 Gold
2 Platinum
-15 or +2 karma

Wife collector is a quest given by Raphael the womanizer. As a self-proclaimed sexiest man in North Tyris, he is tired with his womanizing way, so he seeks other people's wives.


You will have to marry one of your pets and then talk to him with that pet in the party. If it meets with his standards, you will then complete the quest and he keeps the pet. The Womanizer does not distinguish between men and women, but does comment when a non-human spouse is offered. Giving a non-human spouse will net you 2 karma, while a human spouse will make you lose 15 karma.

You can continue to offer the womanizer spouses, and he will continue to give out rewards. However, the quest is officially over after you hand over your first one.

The easiest way to complete this quest is by marrying a slave from Derphy or a horse from Yowyn. The fastest way to increase your pets' affection is to let them kill things in Puppy Cave. Also, as they will disappear when you give them to Raphael, you won't need to worry about their equipment, so give them all engagement jewelries you found there.

Journal UpdatesEdit

I was asked by Raphael of Port Kapul to bring my wife. What a moron.


Quest offer
Don't you know who I am? I am, by far, without question, doubtlessly and unabashedly, the sexiest man in this town -- if not the whole of North Tyris. I can have any woman I desire. I could even take the princess of Palmia if I wanted. Yet, strange as it sounds, lately I've grown tired of the game. Honestly, I want a woman who will serve me unconditionally and never complain. Why don't you let me keep one of your wives? You'd have my thanks.
Great. Bring me a fine young girl!
Don't mock me, you wilthy[sic] wretch.
Pah, it's not important anyhow.
Offering wife
Which one? Who have you brought for me to inspect?
How's this one?
If not married
I want your wife, it's pointless if you aren't married!
If married
So... this is your wife eh? (pet's name) is her name? Don't be embarassed[sic], come along!
(if not human) She's...she's not--hii--She's not even hu--huuuuu--human..
She's a work of art! Looks like we have the same taste in women. Hey, if you bring me another one as good as this one, I will give you something incredible.
Forget it.
Bring me your wive[sic]!