There are a multitude of weapons to choose from in Elona. These are categorized into a number of archetypes which all have an individual skill that effects performance with that kind of weapon. Classes start out with different skills, but all skills can be learned at specific trainers.

See weapon stats for a general comparison of weapon statistics and unique abilities. See equipment attributes for the various bonuses and curses that can be present on equipment, weapons included.

More information on ranged weapons can be found here.

There are various special weapons, called precious weapons, in Elona. A list of such weapons can be found here.

List of weapons by proficiency Edit

Base weights are listed as leather (and raw), to match easily with the equipment section.

Icon-strength Long SwordEdit

Claymore Claymore (4.0)
I431-Katana Katana (1.2)
Long sword Long Sword (1.5)
Lightsabre Lightsabre (0,6) (E+)

Icon-strength AxeEdit

Bardiche Bardish (3.5)
Battle axe Battle Axe (3.7)
Hand axe Hand Axe (0.9)

Icon-strength ScytheEdit

Scythe sickle Scythe (4.0)
Scythe sickle Sickle (1.4)
I930-chainsickle Chainsickle (2.1) (E+)

Icon-constitution BluntEdit

Club Club (1.0)
Hammer Hammer (4.2)
I929-Sox Sox (0.6) (E+)

Icon-constitution StaveEdit

Long staff Long Staff (0.8)
Staff Staff (0.9)
I928-Whip Whip (0.9) (E+)

Icon-constitution PolearmEdit

Halberd Halberd (3.8)
Spear Spear (2.5)
Trident Trident (1.8)

Icon-dexterity Short SwordEdit

Dagger Dagger (0.6)
Scimitar Scimitar (0.9)
I432-Wakizashi Wakizashi (0.7)
Kitchenknife Kitchen Knife (0.4)

Icon-dexterity BowEdit

Bow Long Bow (1.2)
Bow Short Bow (0.8)
Skull Bow Skull Bow (~0.7)

Arrow bolt Arrow (ammo) (1.2)

Icon-dexterity CrossbowEdit

Crossbow Crossbow (2.8)
I595-Repeating Bow Repeating bow (3.0) (E+)
I927-Ballista Ballista (18.0) (E+)
Arrow bolt Bolt (ammo) (3.5)

Icon-dexterity ThrowingEdit

Thrown weapons do not use any ammunition, instead requiring that your ammo slot remains empty.
StoneStone (Stones always weight 2, no matter the material)
GrenadeGrenade (0.8)
PantiesPanties (0.5)
ShurikenShuriken (0.4)
Rock-eplus Rock (25.0) (E+)

Icon-perception FirearmEdit

I520-Laser gunLaser Gun (1.2)
I547-Machine gunMachine Gun (1.8)
I419-PistolPistol (0.8)
I514-ShotgunShotgun (1.5)
I710-SniperRifle Sniper Rifle  (2.0)( (E+)
BulletBullet (ammo) (2.4)
Energy cellCell (ammo) (0.8)
BulletMagnum (ammo) (3.0) (E+)

Differences in Elona+Edit

Changed in 1.15: Weapons and armor typically have an innate bonus based on their specific type. This does not apply to unique versions of these weapons. However, new living weapons do get the bonus. Weapon types that already had a bonus remain unchanged, but are still included in the chart below.
Added in 1.29: Sniper Rifle, Repeating Bow (a crossbow) and Rock (a considerably bigger throwing Stone).
Added in 1.31R: Chainsickle, whip, sox, and ballista.
Added in 1.36: Magnum ammo, have the same icon of regular bullets.

Classification Type Bonus Enchantment
Long SwordEdit
Katana Greater Evasion [##] (+6)
Long sword Tactics [##] (+6)
Claymore Endurance +5
Lightsabre Darkness resistance [##] (+50)
Hand Axe Shield [##] (+6)
Battle Axe Tactics [##] (+6)
Bardish Weightlifting [##] (+6)
Scythe Invokes decapitation [###]
Sickle Invokes decapitation [###]
Chainsickle Enables Distant Attack
Club Strength +5
Hammer Negates fear
Sox Deals nerve damage [#####+]
Halberd Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Spear Invokes piercing attack [##]
Trident Two Hand [##] (+6)
Long Staff Magic Device [##] (+6)
Staff Meditation [##] (+6)
Whip Enables Distant Attack
Short SwordEdit
Dagger Lock Picking [##] (+6)
Scimitar Swimming [##] (+6)
Wakizashi Stealth [##] (+8)
Kitchen Knife Anatomy [##] (+8)
Long Bow Dexterity +5
Short Bow Evasion [##] (+6)
Skull Bow Nether resistance [##] (+50)
Crossbow Greater Evasion [##] (+6)
Repeating Bow Deals poison damage [##]
Ballista Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Stone Will +7
Grenade Invokes grenade [###]
Panties Deals mind damage [#####+]
Shuriken Deals cut damage [##]
Rock Will +5
Laser Gun Perception +5
Machine Gun Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Pistol Sound resistance [##] (+50)
Shotgun Critical hit bonus [###]
Sniper Rifle Invokes decapitation [##]
Ammo typesEdit
Arrow Nothing

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