Voting was an in-game option that required network connectivity. It allowed players to participate in certain online events that might have been part of future updates, but were never completed. Voting booths can be found in all major towns in Elona.

During development, voting allowed for players to register ballots and vote for them in exchange for a Fame and Rank increase. Online functions remained broken in the English version and registering could only be done in Japanese, however both versions could vote to increase Fame and Rank.

The following ballots were available in the past:

  • Choose your favorite alias
  • Choose your favorite god

Voting, along with Moon gate functions, was permanently disabled in 2016 following the closure of the Nifty @HomePage service, and with it the data corresponding to both functions' choices. Voting was heavily revamped in Elona+, see below for details.

Voter rank Edit

The more often you vote, the higher your Voter rank, which also impacts your monthly salary. Generally, you have 30 in-game days to vote before you lose rank. A character can vote as often as once every seven in-game days.

Rank Title
100-81 Almost voter
80-71 Indifferent voter
70-60 Average voter
59-45 Infamous voter
44-30 Nice voter
29-15 Model voter
14-11 Famous consultant
10-6 Elite consultant
5-2 King's advisor
1 Boss

Voting in Elona+ Edit

In early versions voting was the same as in Elona. Following the 1.54 update, the old system was discarded in favor of a new one surrounding the Werewolf nightly event.

Anytime the Werewolf event (12 hours, Midnight) results in the murder of a town NPC the voting ballots will be opened. In it will be a list of all NPCs in town, including visiting adventurers. The "winner" of the vote will be executed the following day at 12 hours (Noon) in a manner similar to the Werewolf and Murderer events.

The player can only vote once per day, unless they spend Praise with the town Elder for a chance to vote again. Also, accusing a NPC of being a werewolf will increase the votes against them, even if the claim is a lie.

Since voting is open until a NPC is killed, it's possible to disable voting in a town if all werewolves are executed and no other one takes its place. This can be easily avoided if the player prevents the execution of the town's werewolves by accusing other NPCs, or if they avoid entering the town before the clock changes to 12 (Noon).

Known bugs Edit

The choice to accuse a NPC of being a werewolf tends to disappear after an extended period of gameplay. More often occurs after speaking to the Detective or Werewolf detective NPCs.

Acquiring too much Praise in a town may completely disable voting in it and/or other towns.

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