"Some say the Vindale forest is the source of the Etherwind. I guess it's not impossible but it seems a bit silly." -- NPC

The Vindale forest is an important location, but does not appear in the game. According to some, and widely popluarized by the Zanan Empire, this forest is the source of Etherwinds. It is located on the Continent of Asseria with the country of Karune. The forest is often associated with the Elea.

History Edit

The forest has a very central point in the conflicts leading up to the current state of politics in the game. When the conflicts before the 11th era of Sierra Terre had concluded, there was a rainstorm that lasted for over a month. When the torrent stopped, the Elean forests on the continent of Asseria had overgrown, and was spreading like a virus across the land. Eventually, the forest had completely consumed the nation of Karune, where the Ether Disease had brought the country into ruin. The forests stemmed from the Vindale forest, which had the strange properties of ether.

Prince Saimore of the Zanan Empire called a state of emergency, declaring the Elea enemies and ordered the elimination of them and the Vindale forest. Using the Elea's natural ability to resist the ether, he reasoned that they were responsible for the spread of the forest. Supporters of his claims gathered and began a massive witch hunt, targeting the Elea. Many of the Elea fled to the Vindale forest to hide themselves from their persecutors. Recently, two messengers were sent from Vindale to travel to the great city of Palmia, seeking an audience with King Xabi of North Tyris.

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