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    This guide is like many new player guides, but more of a focus on my own playstyle, it has a series of 'to do' tasks, in order of priority. It may be atypical from other guides, that's fine.

    • Rush tutorial.
    • Get the starter pet.
    • Get the Gene Machine immediately.
    • Start getting PP to use for unlocking the mining skill, and gardening.
      • If mining, start to mine, preferably gardening. Next unlock weight lifting, sense quality, cooking, anatomy, and travelling. Skills after are personal choice.
      • If gardening, get to Yowyn, start doing all the quests.
    • Get enough CON & STR to handle puppy cave, if you can, catch Fire Dragon Child with previous monster balls.
      • If you're a magic character and have magic dart you could do the cave immediately its not hard. Bring …

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  • Victoria Iris

    Personal Pet List

    March 1, 2018 by Victoria Iris

    This is a personal preference for pets, using Elona Custom's AI system for training, it is not well balanced when abused, this guide hopes to show some more fair set-ups which are easily available in a team.

    Statistics by order of priority to consider when selecting for pets is thus:

    Speed > Life > Mana:

    Everything else is not as important, though unusual levels of Luck might be, it is uncertain if that would have an important effect. Statistics for pets are very trainable, speed perhaps more trainable than life, and thus, life is more preferable when not considering pets purely for speed. This guide assumes speed of any pet can reach 2,000, additionally, it doesn't consider bells or extremely quick pets due to how innately powerful those are.…

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  • Victoria Iris

    I sprite things.

    June 20, 2017 by Victoria Iris
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