Equipment material can be changed by reading a scroll of inferior/change/superior material, but I've noticed that some materials are more likely to happen from others, regardless of the types of scrolls used. And I also wondered about the difference between blessed scrolls of change vs unblessed superior scroll.

I've decided to run a test (Elona 1.52fix) to verify the behavior of material rerolling. The following results show the materials applied on a cloak by reading 250 scrolls of blessed change material, superior material and blessed superior material (each).

Material B. Change # Superior # B. Superior #
Dragon Scale 4 3 0
Ether 5 10 15
Adamantium 0 0 0
Dawn Cloth 26 55 92
Griffon Scale 19 49 66
Rubynus 19 39 56
Mithrill 8 0 0
Chrome 5 6 0
Emerald 0 1 0
Diamond 0 4 6
Platinum 25 0 0
Spirit Cloth 15 18 0
Titanium 0 9 8
Raw 13 12 7
Zylon 36 27 0
Gold 31 15 0
Perl 19 0 0
Chain 3 0 0
Steel  3 0 0
Crystal 3 2 0

Materials below Raw = normal quality, above Raw = superior quality

  • Blessed change material scrolls have an higher chance of getting a superior material compared to unblessed ones (almost 50%) and still below superiors (80%), but also nullifies any chance of getting inferior materials (except raw, which happens with every type of scroll);
  • Equipment is more likely to get specific materials (like dawn cloth and griffon scale) regardless of quality of scrolls;
  • Scrolls of higher quality have less applicable materials. This includes dragon scale (which is a good compromise between ether and adamantium + hit bonus and extra enchantments) being unobtainable if a blessed scroll of superior material is used.

Also, it seems that adamantium isn't applicable on cloaks. After many extra tries, I can say that Mithrill and Platinum can also be obtained by reading a superior scroll, but not adamantium. Maybe this material isn't available for some items? Or if it's possible, then the probability is way too low. Something like 1/1000.

Other equips behave in the same way, more or less. Some armors behave like this cloak, while others have an higher chance of getting diamond/titanium instead.

Player's luck or other stats do NOT influence the outcome.

I'll run few more tests before editing the equipment page tomorrow.

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