• Vareruma

    One thing that I've overlooked for a long time in Elona+ was the usefulness of equipment qualities. Higher quality items not only have more attributes, but also higher stats - damage, hit bonus, and DV/PV. (Also to keep in mind: Even if you reroll multiple times the same material on the same equip, you'll usually get different stats everytime.  For example, a good diamond sniper rifle may have its stats anywhere between 1d46 and 1d55, as shown below.)

    In order to further emphasize the difference between qualities, I made some tables to show the worst and best result you may get from rerolling the same material on the same item type, but each one with a different quality.

    The first table shows weapons' worst and best rerolls given the Diamond …

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  • Vareruma

    Equipment material rerolls

    December 15, 2015 by Vareruma

    Equipment material can be changed by reading a scroll of inferior/change/superior material, but I've noticed that some materials are more likely to happen from others, regardless of the types of scrolls used. And I also wondered about the difference between blessed scrolls of change vs unblessed superior scroll.

    I've decided to run a test (Elona 1.52fix) to verify the behavior of material rerolling. The following results show the materials applied on a cloak by reading 250 scrolls of blessed change material, superior material and blessed superior material (each).

    Material B. Change # Superior # B. Superior #
    Dragon Scale 4 3 0
    Ether 5 10 15
    Adamantium 0 0 0
    Dawn Cloth 26 55 92
    Griffon Scale 19 49 66
    Rubynus 19 39 56
    Mithrill 8 0 0
    Chrome 5 6 0

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