As I keep poring over the Elona+ source, I keep finding stuff that looks fascinating, but figuring out the exact details is beyond my causal knowledge. Maybe a group discussion could shed light on details that I alone could not uncover.

Pet reunion revisited

Remember the "Reunite with your pet" scene, at the very first time you enter Vernis? Your regular choices are a little girl, dog, cat or bear. Now it turns out that there is an alternative scene where the choices are the four secret characters (H sister, White young lady, Lazy older sister, M girl) that can normally be unlocked by reading the Insane book/wishing in the Japanese version only!

As you can see, there is a complete English translation for the scene, including new character names in the dialog. Seems like it's implemented, but what's not clear is how to trigger this one. New gene and some special item, perhaps?

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