A series of grisly murders keeps Palmians puzzled and nervous. Although these folks are no strangers to death, this new kind of murder frightens them. The corpses left behind don't bear the hallmark strike of the silent assassins, nor the dreaded wounds of alien birth, or that of any kind of known monster.

The guard who found the mangled body of the two townchildren in the park at dawn today still talks about how there was no fear in their eyes - as if they knew their attacker. He wonders: "if they could still speak, what'd they say?"

Perhaps they could talk about the man standing in the bar, chatting with the barkeeper about the price of crim ale. How he, despite his ordinary appearance and speech during daytime, turns into a monster and kills sleeping citizens at night, just to turn back into human form again at dawn.

Only adventurers who really know what to look for can discern his true identity during the daytime. Even so, one might have to think twice before challenging him, since even in this weaker form, he's stronger than any guard.

Worse than alien infestations, werewolves could be the new scourge of Irva.

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