On your moongate adventures, you come across a neat unwishable item, say, a stack of god hearts, or a lv.20 living weapon with awesome stats. You instinctively try to get it, but the game stops you, saying "You cannot just grab it" or "It's not yours". Wouldn't it be nice to be able to override this, so that YOU decide whether something will be yours or not?

Enter Elovac, a Cheat Engine table that makes every item available for picking up. If you play Elona+, Elovac is really simple to use:

  1. hook Cheat Engine (CE) to Elona+ (ver. 1.52fix or later)
  2. in CE, open Elovac+.CT
  3. set every value to 0 (select all >> Enter >> 0 >> Enter)
  4. pick up anything you fancy.

Download Elovac+.CT from Dropbox! (Works for Elona+ 1.52fix and later.)

Release Notes


0 = yours
1 = not yours (towns)
2 = not yours (can't carry)
3 = yours (constructed)
4 = yours (crop fields)
5 = not yours (custom maps, moongates)

Simple pick-up

  1. set all values to 0.
  2. get stuff.

Summoning crystals in moongates

  1. set all values to 3
  2. drop a Summoning crystal.
  3. find the only address with a value of 0.
  4. change this to 5.
  5. use summoning crystal with t.


  • Topmost address is for item #1, then ascending.
  • Addresses near the bottom are almost never used - few maps hold 500 items.
  • Confirmed to work in Elona+ 1.52fix - 1.54
  • Confirmed to work in Elona+ 1.69.
  • Does not work in vanilla Elona.

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