• SiamJai

    The recent addition of interactive Wikia Maps opened up a lot of possibilities, and some issues with it. Here I'll address some of these, and share my custom map pin icons to make starting new maps easier.

    The Elona Maps page shows all the existing Elona maps. This link is always shown in the website header, under the "On the wiki" tab (selected by default).

    This dedicated Maps Log shows only the changes done on Elona Maps.

    Click on the "Hide logs" link in the Recent changes options field, or use the following address:

    Insert hidelogs=1 in the feed url, and change ?feed=rss to &feed=rss at the end. Or simply update the feed url to the one shown below:…

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  • SiamJai

    As I keep poring over the Elona+ source, I keep finding stuff that looks fascinating, but figuring out the exact details is beyond my causal knowledge. Maybe a group discussion could shed light on details that I alone could not uncover.

    Remember the "Reunite with your pet" scene, at the very first time you enter Vernis? Your regular choices are a little girl, dog, cat or bear. Now it turns out that there is an alternative scene where the choices are the four secret characters (H sister, White young lady, Lazy older sister, M girl) that can normally be unlocked by reading the Insane book/wishing in the Japanese version only!

    As you can see, there is a complete English translation for the scene, including new character names in the dialog. See…

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  • SiamJai
    The other day I found myself wasting minutes poring over item.bmp for a single sprite, which made me realize that finding the actual sprite tends to the most challenging part of sprite extraction. Although we have a already, it's not the most versatile one, especially ever since I lost the source file.

    Here you can see how to create labels for Elona spritesheets easily, using only Excel and a graphic editor. The label set comes with its own grid, and pretty much everything on it is changeable, including font style, size, position, number of rows, columns etc.

    Populate 31 rows and 33 columns with numbers, starting from 0 in A1, to 1022 in AG31. Start with 0, 1, 2 in the first row; 33, 34, 35 in the second row, and 66, 67, 68 in the third ro…

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  • SiamJai

    Elona music on piano

    January 24, 2014 by SiamJai

    Recently we got a new piano, and one of the first songs I played on it was Elona's menu music (mcOpening). Here is how it sounds like. As a long-time keyboard player, it was strange to get used to the weighted piano keys again, but the extended range and sound dynamics are worth it.

    In other news, last year my laptop got broken beyond repair, taking all of my Elona files (spreadheets, pics, cheat tables) with it - no replacement. Decided to take a break until I could see the fun of having to start from scratch, and that time is now. Glad to see familiar users being active, and the wiki going strong. :)

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  • SiamJai

    Palmia Palantir

    October 13, 2013 by SiamJai

    A series of grisly murders keeps Palmians puzzled and nervous. Although these folks are no strangers to death, this new kind of murder frightens them. The corpses left behind don't bear the hallmark strike of the silent assassins, nor the dreaded wounds of alien birth, or that of any kind of known monster.

    The guard who found the mangled body of the two townchildren in the park at dawn today still talks about how there was no fear in their eyes - as if they knew their attacker. He wonders: "if they could still speak, what'd they say?"

    Perhaps they could talk about the man standing in the bar, chatting with the barkeeper about the price of crim ale. How he, despite his ordinary appearance and speech during daytime, turns into a monster and k…

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