• Shad3Light

    So, one day in Vernis, I encountered a certain totally-not-werewolf citizen named Freafael the Werewolf.

    I had encountered their kind in town before, a tasty source of disguise kits. But for some reason, my train of thought wandered to the reason why she was not mobbed my the town inhabitant. She didn't disguise her werewolf-ness very well. She stated herself that she is a werewolf openly! Everyone can see that in her name!

    So in my curiosity, I opened the source and searched for the word "werewolf". And that moment was when I found out... that the werewolves are meant to be renamed to "citizen". It fails there in English version though.

    Reason being, the generated Japanese name for them looks like 人狼の(randomname), while the English name gener…

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  • Shad3Light

    Wolf NPC?

    January 23, 2014 by Shad3Light

    I looked at the Category:NPCs by race page, and I found that the Wolf NPCs contains nothing. Where are those NPCs? Are they never used in-game? What a mystery.

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