• Piroco

    Back to zero, again

    March 18, 2018 by Piroco


    It's been a long time, no? ^^;

    Some heavy stuff's happened IRL. Daily life has become harsher to be honest; I never it commented it before but I'm currently living in Venezuela, and conditions are worsening by the day, not helped by how hard it's to find meaningful jobs nowdays, and how little they all pay regardless of station. Hopefully I'll be able to move out soon enough!

    My old laptop broke, and with it my old Elona+ savefiles (I had reached Lost Irva and everything...) so I hadn't been playing for months; just this last month I retook the game and I'm kinda getting overwhelmed by all the latest version changes @_@ 

    I loved the addition of sub-bosses to Lesimas though~

    I've also noticed some guides and articles I wrote before are ei…

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  • Piroco

    Happy New Year~

    January 2, 2017 by Piroco

    Happy New Year everyone~

    Hope this comes to be a great year for all of you.

    Slightly off topic, have you made resolutions? Normally I don't but lately I've been more determined to become a writer. If you wan't I could post those roleplaying Elona stories I mentioned in my profile, but I understand if it's not to the liking of this community (it's still fanfiction... Plus it can be taken as self-promotion, which is in bad taste).

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  • Piroco


    A.k.a "Piroco's Stat and Skill training for dummies, Elona Custom edition". Had I known this would be such a general guide I would have named it that.

    This guide is meant to list some methods for effective stat and skill training, based on general observations. None of the methods has been evaluated with Elosnack. For this reason, if you find any errors in the list, please add it to the comments.

    Can only be used on the PC, pets will equip the items instead.

    As Elona+ added innate stat bonuses to specific types of equipment, these can now be exploited for stat training. Since only the PC can eat…

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  • Piroco

    Adventures on roguelikes

    September 17, 2016 by Piroco

    Elona was the first roguelike I ever played, and remains my favorite. Still, back then I became curious about the roguelike genre as a whole, so I got around checking other titles. The first thing I realized was that Elona is more like a RPG with sim aspects than pure roguelike, and is actually really easy for a roguelike (even when playing on Nightmare mode); the second is that the roguelike genre is almost completely dominated by western developers, indie developers at that, and Elona itself draws a lot from ADOM, a western title, which is a more adventure-driven type of game compared to most of the genre; the third is that roguelikes are really hardcore...

    So of course I got around playing a few. These are my personal opinions, and they in…

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  • Piroco

    I will be back

    September 2, 2016 by Piroco

    Hello there~

    RL has been really busy lately, still not done with college plus some drama with my former workplace, so I haven't played Elona for a long time. Added to that is that I seem to have lost my savefiles *again* after I changed to my current computer, hopefully my old files may still be somewhere in the old one.

    Seems like I might get some vacations after September, so I may catch up with the newest versions. Reading some of the changelogs there's seems to have been lots of bug fixes, new mechanics and advancement of the storyline, not to mention Anna's fabulous Elona Custom, which I still have to check out.

    BTW, what's this about Elona getting a Steam release? Saw something about that in one of the forum posts and Noa's page. Don't k…

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