Recently while playing Elona+, I have been focusing on improving my attributes instead of my level. I usually managed to increase all my attributes (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck) in less than 2 hours from Superb (200%+ potential) to Good by average 4 points. Currently, my attributes are currently above 200 without bonus and my current level is above 100. After all attributes become Good, I drank blessed potion of potentials.

I also have tested with 380%+ all attributes potential (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck). In less than 2 hours, I managed to increase all attributes by 7 points from Superb to Great. Compared with the 200% potential before, I prefer the 380%+ since it boosted higher and faster than 200%+ (from Superb to Good) in less than 2 hours real life.

Also, my conditions were:

  • Finished Act1, to get <Gwen> the pitiless to help improving my STR, CON, DEX and PER. Also, be sure to have high sound resistance equipments to resist from her dim-status attack.
  • Worshipping Kumiromi (as I am too lazy to press rest) for fast SP regeneration.
  • A high skill of Alchemy to make a lot of blessed potion of potentials.

With that condition,this is my route to quickly improve all of my stats:

  • STR: Hit <Gwen> the pitiless + Gauge Release 100% using STR-bases weapon (I don't use any weapon) until her health is low, but don't kill her. Just leave and re-enter.
  • CON: Hit <Gwen> the pitiless + Gauge Release 100% using CON-based weapon (I use Stave) until her health is low, but don't kill her. Just leave and re-enter.
  • DEX: Hold down Drain Blood shorcut (since it drains SP, SP won't running out) on <Gwen> the pitiless until her health is low, but don't kill her. Just leave and re-enter.
  • PER: Shoot + Gauge Release 100% <Gwen> the pitiless using PER-based weapon (I use Gun) until her health is low, but don't kill her. Just leave and re-enter.
  • LER: Keep merging pet. I usually chose the pet from the slave master in Derphy.
  • WIL: Hold down Gauge Release shortcut (cost is 1 SP) near a non-talkable NPC until SP lower than 50. No turn will be consumed.
  • MAG: Hold down Dupli-Cane shortcut (cost is 1 SP) anywhere until SP lower than 50. No turn will be consumed.
  • CHR: Invest on shopkeeper. I usually get shopkeeper from my house for cheaper price, then fire and rehire to reset the invest price.

That's currently how I managed to boost my all attributes. I probably will find a faster route that the current I wrote in the future. Also, sorry if I made bad writing as I am not a writer. This year 2016, improving my writing skill is one of my resolution.


  • 1/3/2016
    • Revised some paragraphs.
    • Changed method for STR and LER, also adding <Gauge Release> to some attributes. Thank AnnaBannana for his spreadsheet of Elona Experience Values (link can be found in his comment).
  • 1/13/2016
    • Revised time required to boost all attributes from 5 hours (which was a speculation) to less than 2 hours in real life (based on testing)
    • Changed method for CON from Houzanha into CON-based weapon
    • Added a comparison for 380%+ potential
    • Revised some texts