I've often idly wondered how to solve the differences between versions. It'd be easy to give Elona+ priority as that is what I imagine most people play, but plenty of people still play Elona 1.16, and then there are many other forks of Elona and those won't use Elona+ stats.

Perhaps where there is a large difference, the Elona+ version should just have it's own article? e.g. two articles Foobar and Foobar (Elona+)

Perhaps tabber would help putting in multiple stat boxes? Maybe even tab view as somewhere between both solutions?

Maybe even go so far as to overhaul the statbox entirely? Ever since Wikia implemented the Oasis skin (i.e. how Wikia currently looks), I've considered the possibility of making the statbox take up the full width of the page (or 640ish pixels or so).

On a related note, should statboxes be placed on subpage and then templated into the main page? e.g. Foobar calls Foobar/statbox which calls Template:Statbox

Ahhh, it all seems like too much work -_-;

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