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  • Kasarn

    Fixing the main page

    February 16, 2013 by Kasarn

    Frankly, the [[|main page]] sucks. Most wikis have a menu of sorts on the front page and I've wondered what to do about Elona's. It's one of those things I never got around to fixing but couldn't be bothered.

    What sort of information is actually useful? The "stuff" section on my userpage was an attempt at gathering important links. It obviously wouldn't be formatted like a navbox if added to the main page, but what else would be considered essential?

    Any thoughts on how to alter the main page in general?

    edit: I made a draft at User:Kasarn/Main Page
    edit2: User:Kasarn/Main Page2, now with even fewer tables
    edit3: User:Kasarn/Main Page3, which is just the first draft only prettier

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  • Kasarn

    I've often idly wondered how to solve the differences between versions. It'd be easy to give Elona+ priority as that is what I imagine most people play, but plenty of people still play Elona 1.16, and then there are many other forks of Elona and those won't use Elona+ stats.

    Perhaps where there is a large difference, the Elona+ version should just have it's own article? e.g. two articles Foobar and Foobar (Elona+)

    Perhaps tabber would help putting in multiple stat boxes? Maybe even tab view as somewhere between both solutions?

    Maybe even go so far as to overhaul the statbox entirely? Ever since Wikia implemented the Oasis skin (i.e. how Wikia currently looks), I've considered the possibility of making the statbox take up the full width of the pa…

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  • Kasarn

    Article comments enabled

    July 13, 2012 by Kasarn

    Article comments have been enabled! These replace the talk pages that were rarely used anyway. Anyone making first posts will be set on fire.

    The old talk pages still exist if there was something you actually wanted on them, but they are harder to access now. Oh wells.

    It's actually a standard feature on Wikia but optional for older wikis like Elona. While talk pages is a superior way to convey information, they're also very intimidating for casual users because you're expected to behave in a certain way that seems arbitrary to non-wiki users.

    Apologies if you have objections to this change as I did it without consulting anybody. I'll turn it back off if people end up hating it.

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