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    Weapon Name Type Sleep Fear Confusion Blind Poison Paralysis Bleed
    Claymore Long Sword

    Diablo Long Sword

    Hiryu-To Long Sword

    Mournblade Long Sword

    Ragnarok Long Sword

    Zantetsu Long Sword

    Dragon Slayer Long Sword

    Axe of Destruction Axe

    Frisia's Tail Scythe

    Kumiromi Scythe Scythe

    Scythe of Void Scythe

    Blood Moon Blunt
    ✔ ✔

    Gaia Hammer Blunt

    Holy Lance Polearm

    Rankis Polearm

    Elemental Staff Staff

    Staff of Insanity Staff

    Ether Dagger Short Sword

    Lucky Dagger Short Sword

    Bow of Vinderre Bow

    Wind Bow Bow

    Kill Kill Piano Throwing

    Shena's Panty Throwing

    Vanilla Rock Throwing

    Mauser C96 Custom Firearm

    Rail Gun Firearm

    Winchester Premium Firearm

    Weapon Name Type Reveal Invis Thieves Teleport Float Mutation Etherwind Pregnant Weather Rotten Food Reveal Religion Si…

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  • Astraltor

    Guide to Snail

    January 25, 2016 by Astraltor

    Short guide/list of tips, tricks, and tactics specifically targetted at snail tourist martial artist. Many of these may be useful for other characters, but some (in the author's view) basic things have been left out. some parts may involve less pure actions that others may consider exploits and unfair.

    This section details tips and factors to keep in mind while creating the snail.

    Of the basic attributes, Constitution is the biggest factor in the PC's HP, a little over twice as effective as Strength. Maximizing Constitution and Strength will lead to a slightly stronger snail.

    There are many feats, all of them unique, but some are more useful than others.

    • Dimensional Move is is a great Feat and ability, for only 15 sp it is a reliable minor tel…

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