I488-unknown shell
The <Unknown Shell> (a beautiful shell when unidentified) is an amulet that was added in 1.14fix4. It can drop from Hermit crabs (a 1% chance).

Guaranteed AttributesEdit

It weighs 0.1s
Item-basicIt is made of mica.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-basicIt modifies DV by 2 and PV by 14.
Item-skillIt makes you pious. [###](+12)
Item-resistIt grants you resistance to sound. [#####] (+250)
Item-statIt increases your luck by 3.
Item-specialIt catches signals from god.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The <Unknown Shell> is located at item number 488 using the character sprite zero-based position system. It is tinted blue(color 4).

Changes in Elona+Edit

<Unknown Shell> has a new sprite which is located at 47 (Row 1, Column 14) using the character sprite zero-based position system. It keeps the blue tint.

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