ウールム・レゾン Ūrumu-Rezon
Ulm-Leson Icon
You see a ruin in the depths of the forest.
Region Lost Irva
Location (6,21)
Music mcRuin

Ulm-Leson is a map exclusive to the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is located in the northwest portion of the Lost Irva continent. It is an outdoor map.

The regular NPCs include mercenary warriors, mercenary archers and mercenary wizards. The neutral NPCs include black cats, cute fairies, travelers and fallen soldiers. The god pets here cannot be captured with monster balls or domination, but can be killed without repercussions.

The map includes an unaligned altar in the top-center portion.


  • General vendor (Rank 10)
  • Magic vendor (Rank 21)
  • Blacksmith (Rank 12)


  • Trainer
  • Bartender
  • Healer
  • Wizard

Notable NPCsEdit

Small Medal LocationsEdit

The map has 4 medals, with their exact locations on the included map.

  • West side of the map, on top of one of the graves.
  • West of the southern entrance, next to the south wall.
  • Northeast part of the map, to the left of the building entrance.
  • North part of the map near the altar. The medal is just down the stairs on the right side, on top of a pillar.