Traveling is a Will based skill that increases the experience gained from traveling on the world map. The bonus is relatively small and the skill is slow to train. Increased experience is also of dubious worth since raw experience increases monster difficulty but does not increase attribute or skill levels. However, there are few other ways to raise Will.


Weather affects travel speed: Rain increases travel time by 30%, heavy rain by 60%, snow by 120%, and etherwind reduces this time by 50%.

Snow terrain doubles travel time, in addition to any stops made.

Each tile is approximately 4 miles.

Traveling in Elona+Edit

Traveling has been significantly improved in Elona+. Monster difficulty is no longer tied to experience. It is now Speed based. The skill not only still gives extra experience for walking on the world map, it also trains a skill up to the next level randomly, which will show up as increased in the next town-like place the player enters, and some attribute experience as well. Because the skill is now speed based, it has a minor effect on training speed as well.

Traveling seems to have an effect on travel speed in the overworld, 100 Traveling skill can reduce about a half hour of travel time per tile on a freshly made character at the same speed.

The specific formula is: (TravelTime * 100) / (100 + TravelEnchantStrength/8 + TravelingSkill)

Trained skillEdit

Traveling can be learned from the trainers in Noyel and Vernis.




  • #travel will increase Traveling by 1 level and train its potential.

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