Traps are features commonly found in both random and fixed dungeons. They are hidden to the player until triggered by the player ("You activate a trap!") or discovered by searching, and usually attempt to cause a status effect or deal damage directly.

Traps can be evaded, but increase in both power and accuracy along with the level of the dungeon (DL). It appears that traps are more likely to be dodged if they are revealed to the player.

Traps will remain active even after being triggered (aside from mines, which are consumed in one use), but can be removed permanently via the Disarm Trap skill or Mani's Decomposition.

Types of trapsEdit

  • Teleporter Trap ("Suddenly, (victim) disappears")

Warps the target to a random point on the map. Especially dangerous for your pets if you don't have them leashed.

  • Impalement Trap ("Spears shoot out from the ground")

Deals physical damage. Can be entirely negated if the character floats. ("But they don't reach (victim)")

  • Mine Trap (*kaboom*)

Deals 5*(1d(DL))+45 non-elemental damage (e.g. a mine laid on a DL 100 dungeon can deal between 50 and 545 damage, regardless of resistances or PV). Extremely dangerous, capable of one-shotting many characters. Disappears after triggering once. Spawns mostly in higher-level dungeons, but can be manually laid by using a mine item or placed by a Mine dog. If the character is floating, the trap will not be triggered at all.

  • Blinding Trap ("Ink squirts into (victim)'s face!")

Attempts to blind the target.

  • Confusion Trap ("Smelly gas spreads!")

Attempts to confuse the target.

  • Paralyzing Trap ("Simulative gas spreads!")

Attempts to paralyze the target.

  • Poison Trap

Attempts to poison the target.

Elona+ changesEdit

  • All traps now disappear after being triggered.
  • Mani's Decomposition removed, extracting materials from traps no longer possible.
  • Player can search on top of revealed trap to destroy it. Never fails, regardless of level or even presence of Disarm trap skill.

Elona+ new trapsEdit

  • Blade Strings Trap ("(victim) were torn up in the sharp strings.")

Functions similar to the Blade Strings special action, deals damage based on the target's Speed. VERY lethal to low HP/high speed races. Appears randomly and can be set manually by using Blade Strings on empty space.