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  • I've been slowly translating the Japanese version of Elona into English for a while. With some people helping me, it's making a good progress lately. If anyone is willing to translate some text, it helps me a lot and I appriciate it. Translation doesn't have to be precise. Simply running Japanese text through a machine translator and adjusting them based on your feeling from playing the game will do. Please see the example before editing. Rfish 02:22,15 June 2008 (UTC)
    • Thanks for the translation, Sunstrike. I'm going to mount them into the game now! Rfish 16:21, 25 July 2008 (UTC)

Example : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Sample quest


Option 1 あげる。
Option 2 だめ。

2 After completing the quest


Example : TranslationEdit

Rfish 05:50, 1 June 2008 (UTC)


Good morning.
I want a younger sister.
Option 1 I'll give you mine.
Thank you.
Option 2 No.


I'm happy!

Little Sister : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub Quest in Cyber Dome [NPC:strange scientist]


Choice1 約束のお礼は?
(When you have brought her some little sisters)
(Not enough sisters to receive the reward)
Choice2 捕獲玉を補充したい
Choise3 リトルシスターを引き渡す(when a sister is with you)

Little Sister : TranslationEdit

<Sunstrike> Translated, previous translation had some minor accuracy issues in places

1 Please, hear me out. If you should happen to run into any little sisters during your travels, please help them out. They seem to be monsters at first glance, but I’m doing important research that will return these girls to their gentle smiling nature. Please I beg of you... use these balls to bring the little sisters to me. I’d be very grateful, perhaps I’d even reward you.

Many people feel we need to free these girls from their never-ending oppression, but there are also scumbags that would murder them for their own personal gain. That’s right; they say eating the girls’ flesh will evolve the human body. I know there must be a better way to help them... don’t forget that. Remember that if you take their lives, you will eventually get what’s coming to you.

Choice: What about the reward you promised me?

(When you have brought her some little sisters)

That’s right... your reward. The little sisters have been picking things up for you that people have lost in town. Please, take whatever you like. If you like, you can wait until you’ve lost something valuable.

(Not enough sisters to receive the reward)

You haven’t brought me enough sisters yet. Bring me a few more and then we’ll discuss your reward.

Choice: I need to replenish my supply of little balls.

Well then, take this with you. Be careful though, it’s heavy.

Choise: Turn over the little sister. (when a sister is with you)

Thanks, I appreciate what you’ve done. It won’t be long before I can reward you.

Minotaur King : OriginalEdit

TYPE: Sub Quest in Palmia [NPC:<Conery> Palmian major general]




Choice1 まかせて
Choice2 無理

2(When quest is in progress)


3(When completed)


(After the quest)


Minotaur King : TranslationEdit

<Sunstrike> - Full translation, correcting for oversights in automated translation.

What do I do about this... You, over there... You couldn't have gotten here a moment too soon. Yowyn is in great danger of being destroyed by the minotaur legion. The mayor of Yowyn is a close friend of mine and I don't want to leave him out in the cold. I want to send a detachment to reinforce him but I can't. The current political climate in Palmia is too volatile and the troops must remain in the castle. That's why I'm asking an adventurer like you. Will you attack the minotaur's camp for me? I will reward you handsomely if you do this.

Choice: Leave it to me!

What? You will? Great... Head to the Minotaur's Nest south of Yowyn and take the head of the minotaurs' king. Godspeed, {name}.

Choice: No way.

I knew you'd refuse... and after all, why wouldn't you?

2(When quest is in progress)

What's wrong? You must make haste. Yowyn is in grave danger.

3(When completed)

You've returned. I've been waiting for you. I've already heard the good word about the hero who crushed the minotaur king. Take this as a sign of my eternal gratitude.

(After the quest)

Ahh it's you. I owe you for what you've done for me. What do you say? Why don't you join my unit?

Pyramid Invitation : OriginalEdit

TYPE: Sub Quest in Derphy [NPC:<Marks> the great thief]



Pyramid Invitation : TranslationEdit

<Sunstrike> - Rewrite for minor corrections


Ah, you're the famous {aka}, aren't you? You came at a fine time. North of Kapul lies an enigmatic pyramid; you may have heard of it. The pyramid has existed since Nefia was a barren desert where even grass wouldn't grow and it's said that ancient treasure is buried within. However, it's sealed by some bizarre enchantments and is impenetrable... well, it WAS impenetrable.
I have received a very strange letter. The sender calls himself Tsen, lord of the Pyramid. He has sent me an invitation to enter his pyramid... However, I am not foolish enough to barge into such a trap. I'll turn this invitation over to you. Of course, I won't let you have it for nothing. 20,000 gold and it's yours.

Front Line : OriginalEdit

TYPE: Sub Quest in Derphy [NPC<Gilbert> the carnel]


Choice1 止めておこう
Muwahahaha 腰抜けめ。
Choice2 話を聞こう

2(When prepared)

Choice1 いい
Choice2 だめ

3(When completed) (some crazy laughing...muwaha! muwahaha! mu-mu...wa...*cough* *cough*)


Front Line : TranslationEdit


By Opatos! You are the famous {aka}, are you not? I have a favor I'd like to ask of someone like you.
I am colonel of the Juere Liberation Army, Gilbert. We're not the true national army, but even so we fully intend to free the Juere Territories from their occupation by those Yerles dogs. However, our army is having a hard time breaking through their strong front lines on the Palmia border. We only have our swords against their advanced weapons, after all. If things go on like they are, our army might be totally annihalated. So I ask you, will you lend us your power?
Choice1 Don't get involved
Mwahahaha! You damn coward!
Choice2 Hear him out
Mwahahaha! Good, good. We'll be counting on you. Once you've prepared, come speak to me again.

2(When Prepared)

Are your preparations complete, then?
Choice1 They are.
Hahaha! I pray Opatos' favor be with you!
Choice2 Not yet.
We're waiting on you.

3(When completed) (some crazy laughing...muwaha! muwahaha! mu-mu...wa...*cough* *cough*)

My... My apologies. Your heroic figure striding the battlefield was so amazing that even I was shaken. With this, the Liberation Army can pass the borders of Palmia. Please, accept this reward as my thanks.

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