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Throwing is a dexterity based weapon proficiency used when fighting with thrown weapons. Throwing also improves your accuracy when throwing other items, such as potions or monster balls.

All thrown weapons have a single die of damage, however all except the stone have very useful other effects.

In order to fire a thrown weapon, your ammo slot must be empty. See Ranged Weapons for distance modifiers.

Types of thrown weaponsEdit

Sprite Name Damage Notes
grenade varies basic weapon, invokes grenade (sound damage to a 3x3 area)
panty varies basic weapon, deals mind damage (causes confusion)
shuriken varies basic weapon, deals cut damage (causes bleeding)
stone varies basic weapon, always made of metal
Precious weapons
Kill Kill Piano 1d112 rare reward for performing during Party Time! quests
Shena's Panty 1d47+4 panty, randomly wielded by nobles
Vanilla Rock 1d42 randomly wielded by rock throwers
Elona+ basic weapons
rock varies always made of metal
Elona+ precious weapons
Gerbera Cross 1d60 shuriken dropped by <Eila>the fugitive Kunoichi after completion of the Rule of Ninja level 110 quest
Kaneituuhou 1d5+10 reward for worshipping Yacatect of Wealth
Nightmare 2d10+10 randomly wielded by Knight enemies
Slash Joker 1d10+10 shuriken, randomly wielded by diabolic clowns
Stone Coin 1d400+32 wielded by <Hyper Yacatect>
Nova Grenade 1d10 grenade, randomly wielded by Yerles conbat planes

Trained skillEdit

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Throwing.




  • #owi will increase Throwing by 1 level and train its potential.

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