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    Changelog (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • Removed all netcode for the Japanese version from the source. The input box for chat no longer appears when the tab key is pressed.
    • There is now a phenomenon that may occur on the 15th and after of months that are not a multiple of 3. This will cause all Nefia to go into fever mode. Like the etherwind, this has a high random chance of occurring. It will not last beyond the end of the month. If Extra Help is not turned off in the settings, Norne will appear and give an explanation the first time this happens. In fever-mode Nefia, a [floor danger level]-dependent number of music tickets (up to 70 tickets) will be generated on tiles on which the floor's gold pieces have been placed. There will also be more material gathering spots, less fountains, and more altars generated. Items generated on the ground will have their level increased and be identified by default. Strength of enemies remains the same.
    • Added just a bit of Act III main quest content.
    • Added 2 new special actions. One of them is for NPCs only.
    • Decreased the increase in Magic when the exile evolves, made the evolution grant Control Magic skill, and also give increased skill levels in that skill. Similarly, the evolution to witch will also give less of a Magic attribute increase, grant Control Magic skill, and more levels in that skill.
    • Added 4 new slime race NPCs and 1 new evolution.
    • Added 1 new catsister NPC.
    • Changed the chance of summoning a fox brother from a mysterious diary from 2% to once every 12 diaries.
    • The younger sister shopkeeper will start off with the Oti-Tubaki equipped. In combat, she will now fight in addition to summoning younger sisters. This will not affect younger sister shopkeepers already generated in previous versions. Regular younger sisters will no longer be randomly equipped with the Oti-Tubaki.
    • Doubled the chance of Life and Mana increase when eating a Little sister corpse, and made it affected by the rare loot trigger.
    • Monster balls crafted with item fusion no longer have a random level, and will now always depend on the deepest dungeon floor cleared. Upper limit 140.
    • Deed of heirship now lets you inherit a fixed 3 items instead of a random number of items.
    • Added a new item fusion recipe that allows you to convert items into gold pieces. The number of gold pieces is somewhat lower than if you had sold the item to a shopkeeper (the calculation and sell price cap are both 80% of a shop's). This is for when your inventory is full. The number of gold pieces you will receive is listed in the steps section. Each conversion is limited to a maximum of 9,999gp. As for items that usually cannot be sold, precious items and rotten food will fetch 1 gold piece each, and trade goods will have no region price modifier.
    • Bronze coins generate identified, uncursed and unblessed.
    • Added 3 new items that can be made from milk in item fusion.
    • Added 1 new unique artifact.
    • Pets who have the prerequisite skills for breakfast or handmade gift events but are not the target NPC for those events can now help out. When helping out, half of their relevant skill levels will be added to the target NPC's skill levels, and they will also receive half the amount of experience. They can help out even if they are holding on to a pleasant sleep blanket. This means that it's no longer a waste for multiple pets to have those skills.
    • There are now separate Carpentry and Tailoring versions of the Handmade Gift event. Made slight changes to names and descriptions to match.
    • The value to which pet satiety will decrease to over time has been decreased. This value is between where the player's status will say Hungry and where there will be no hunger status displayed. This basically means that pets can eat more times.
    • Added an option to eat together with pets who are at Friend or above if neither the player nor the pet has anorexia. This option, available in the conversation window, will select a non-rotten and non-cursed rank 5 or above cooked food item and share it with your pet. The prerequisites are somewhat troublesome, but the food item will give half the normal satiety but a full amount of all other effects. No auto-turn will occur, and the item will be considered eaten when the conversation ends. Added a new txtMeal NPC custom line for this.
    • Purchased items will have their price during purchase saved. When selling these items at your shop, their sale price will be capped at 1/3+1 of the purchase price regardless of shop type.
    • If not all pieces of equipment on a character are acid proof, then the weak point list will include acid. If the character does not have any equipment that diminishes bleeding and prevents aliens from entering the body, then the weak point list will also include bleeding and pregnancy respectively.
    • NPCs can no longer destroy walls on the world map.
    • Changed [sprites] of the cupid of love-type monsters while retaining some resemblance to the original sprite.
    • When Bewitch special action succeeds, you will now receive money even from NPCs that are currently hostile to you. It will also not increase the target's power gauge. Increased the decrease in Attract.
    • Edited the red book on managing shops.
    • Shopkeepers for your shop can now gain a feat when they have 120 and above sales exp, and another at 360 and above sales exp. For now, there are five feats available that you can choose from, and there may be more in the future if I think of some more.
    • Changed how all types of player shops except for the goods shop work. Items types that the shop type specializes in will have a 1.2x multiplier on sale price and an increased chance of selling. Item types that the shop does not specialize in will now have a 1.0x multiplier, but have a decreased chance of selling. Changing shop types no longer costs money.
    • Decreased the base price of items sold at your shop. Also, sale price of items sold at your shop is now capped at 36% of item value, which is slightly higher than the sale price of items when selling to NPC shopkeepers (30% of item value). The shop type price modifiers (1.2x) are applied after this price cap. Even after this 1.2x multiplier, item sell price will still be 43.2% of buy price at maximum Negotiation, causing a 6.8% loss when reselling purchased items. Equipment used to have an additional 1/3 multiplier, but that has been abolished.
    • Added a new floor tile and a new transparent wall tile. The default player shop map will come with these, and they also available in the tile palette for other player-owned maps. These tiles also have a special effect - placing items on these tile in your shop will stop those item from getting sold. They can be used for interior decoration.
    • Draw Charge special action can no longer be used on items marked as important.
    • Fixed Icolle's body part reset for zombie race characters causing them to have 1 less hand.
    • Fixed resistance increase from eating healer, sister, and yith corpses still being random. Removed the effect from the corpse of the unique town NPC Renai.
    • Decapitation that procs from Tactical Attack [AP feat] will no longer get affected by ranged attacks occurring right before it and will now always display the text for head lopping.
    • Fixed weight display for characters after eating livestock feed showing the old weight.
    • Fixed objet of heart listing nerve as a weakness when nether resistance is low.
    • Fixed regular attacks executed in place of Rocket Fire special action [by NPCs when Rocket fire is an invalid move] using the last weapon looked up by the game as the ranged weapon.
    • Removed hostile action check that occurred after applying Clash Rush special action damage.
    • Fixed +enhance value not getting taken into account for wild flowers sold by pets in town.
    • Fixed gauge values of 101% or more displaying as 100% for the pet on the left in a tag team.
    • Fixed quick shooting still being able to counter attacks when time is stopped.
    • Fixed pets not using rods of bubble ball when they change maps after being handed the rod. If using a save file from a previous version, you will need to take away that rod and give it to them again in order to make them use it.

    Detailed changelog (E) Beware of spoilers?

    [Additional main quest content]
    • Cutscene when entering any floor of the Cradle of Chaos. Added a conversation with Leold. No new floors added.
    [New special actions]
    • Formless Fetter
      • Learned during level up when Control Magic skill is level 60 or above.
      • All enemies in sight that are on any map effect (including floating enemies) will have 1 turn of Bind applied to them (Bind does not stack), and be dealt Magic attribute and Control Magic skill-dependent magic element damage.
      • Targets that are non-unique NPCs and have Dexterity that is less than half of of the user's Dexterity will also have a Control Magic skill level-dependent Dexterity debuff applied to them.
    • Melt Clinch
      • Applies 1 turn of Bind to the user and the target, and also 1 turn of Atrophy to the target. Neither of these status ailments stack.
      • It will also deal a small amount non-reducible acid-element damage to targets that is dependent on the user's Strength and Constitution attributes.
      • The slimenoid and slimeroper [evolutions] (NB: no English names?) will now use this move.
    [New NPCs]
    • dragon bubble
      • Level 131 slime. Has the splitting bit flag. Uses Bubble Storm and Voracity Fang.
    • formless spawn
      • Level 81 slime. Uses Formless Fetter, Acid Ground, Eye of Insanity, and Nether Arrow.
    • living blood
      • Level 58 slime. Has the type 2 splitting bit flag. Drain Blood.
    • roper
      • Level 39 slime. Uses Squeeze and Rubbing.
    • silver fox brother
      • Secret catsister NPC. (Default level is 1, but actual level may vary.)
      • Uses Touch of Fear, Dark eye, Ice Ball, Element Scar, and Holy Shield.
      • Will also use Resolution Hand on himself when not already buffed with it.
    [New evolutions]
    • Bubble and blue bubble will evolve with another heart into bobble bubble, and learn Bubble Storm. They will also learn Casting and Control Magic skills, and gain additional levels in those skills.
    [New items]
    • cheese
      • Food item that does not rot.
      • When crafted via the Dairy products item fusion recipe, it will inherit the +enhance value of the milk used as the ingredient unlike the two items below.
      • NPC name will not be inherited.
    • butter
      • Food item that does not rot. Can be thrown.
      • Targets hit by it will get the Oil status ailment, and have a minor corpse seasoning effect applied to them(upper limit +2).
      • Use with soy sauce to make enemies taste like butter and soy sauce.
      • Like tomatoes, they will disappear without creating puddles when thrown at the ground.
    • yogurt
      • Food item that does not rot. Can be thrown.
      • Gives Constitution experience when eaten.
      • Applies Fury to targets hit by it. Amount of Fury is lower than for thrown tomatoes, but unlike tomatoes it will stack.
      • Like tomatoes, they will disappear without creating puddles when thrown at the ground.
    • <Assault Gold>
      • Randomly generated unique artifact. Wings.
    [Shopkeeper feats]
    • TraitElegance
      • Increases Charisma by 30 when acquired.
      • Increases the amount of money that visitors to your shop carry by 75% and 2,000. This does not apply to NPCs that are generated with 0 gold.
    • TraitAestheticSense
      • When trading items, items are worth 33% + 300gp more.
    • TraitProprietarySales
      • Gold pieces equal to 5 to 10 times of Negotiation skill will be placed in the shop's safe every day. This is independent of item sale in the shop. No upper limit.
      • This sum will be capped at 1 when the player is in the Deep-sea castle.
      • This trait will have no effect if the pet with it is not the shopkeeper. Gold pieces earned in this manner will not award any sales experience, shop rank, or experience.
      • Item sale prices cap out at about 160 Negotiation, so this trait makes gaining Negotiation skill levels beyond that useful.
      • As a side note, the player's Negotiation skill effect caps out at 100 and there is currently no merit to level it beyond that, but special actions dependent on it will be added in the future.
    • TraitTie-up
      • When this pet is with the player, when [the pet] sells items, half of the player's Negotiation is added to the pet's.
      • Ores and wild flowers sell for 1.5x the usual price for pets.
      • Neither of these two effects stack when multiple pets have the trait.
    • TraitBusiness Smile
      • The shopkeeper learns Bewitch special action. This does nothing if the pet does not participate in combat, of course.
      • The pet will use Bewitch if the target still has Attract and is not currently Paralyzed.
      • Due to the nature of this move, pets with AIs that like to maintain a distance from targets will not be able to use it.
    [New map tiles]
    • Rope divider floor tiles, listed after the music tiles.
    • Showcase transparent wall tiles, listed after the red flesh walls. A version that does not connect with other tiles has also been added.
    • These can be used for decorating around items in your home.
    • In the shop, items that are on top of these tiles will be marked as not for sale.
    • After mining a tile or redecorating the shop, all items that are on these tiles will be marked as not for sale, and items not on these tiles will have that marker removed.
    • Items that have been marked as not for sale will have "sample" prefixed to the item name, and will never be sold.
    • When attempting to pick up these sample items, the not-for-sale marker will be removed (even if you fail to pick them up).
    • This means that if floor tiles are destroyed or overwritten in the shop by means other than mining or redecorating, sample items will remain that way. To fix that, you will have to pick them up, go into redecorating mode, or mine something.
    • This new item marker was created because the game cannot check which items are on which tiles when the player is not on the shop map.

    Partial changelog for next version

    [Changes and additions]
    • Explicitly prevented the game from connecting to the new third-party Japanese chat server meant for vanilla Elona that was set up with Noa's permission. The game will not connect if the address for that server is specified in the server.txt.
      • NB: the following line was already in English:
      • [Please don't make it possible to connect to by modification.]
    • Added an Act III sub quest (Arasiel's).
    • Potentials will no longer decrease when attributes and skill levels are increased by a fixed amount (NB: like by quaffing from wells).
    • Added a new monster.
    • Made fever mode affect only random Nefia.
    • Damage for Shining Wave, Smash Ground, Blade Strings, Golden Storm, Rocket Fire, Nuclear Fire, and Hyper Dash special actions is now divided by the sum of PV and DV.
    • NPCs on the same side will no longer run each other over with Hyper Dash.
    • Added 2 new special actions. One of them is for NPC use only.
    • Made the sound effect for Collected Power play only if the user is within sight.
    • Increased frequency of melee and ranged attack (NB: purchased with AP) now has a higher priority than seal magic and seal ability.
    • Added 1 new unique artifact.
    • Added 4 new items. Added 2 new item fusion recipes.
    • Added a new buff that increases Constitution and Charisma. Added a new potion and spellbook for it. The aforementioned [4 new items] don't include these.
    • Cost of identifying and investigating items now depends on fame instead of Negotiation. (It's cheaper when fame is lower.) Caps out at 100,000 fame.
    • Made green tea decrease the vomit counter by 1.
    • Changed the name of the "fake gold" recipe to "craft junk item". (NB: terminology subject to change.)
    • Made slight changes to the ingredients for the makenn tensei and shin makenn tensei recipes.
    • Made food train Speed attribute by an amount dependent on their +enhance value. This applies even if the food item does not usually train Speed.
    • Increased the chance that general vendors will sell monster balls.
    • Items harvested from crops will no longer be blessed nor cursed.
    • Potions of cure corruption will no longer have +enhance values when harvested from unknown seeds.
    • Fixed cards generated during marriage not being able to handle sprite numbers 1000 and above.
    • Fixed pets having a chance to not speak their default lines when eating together them when they have no custom [txtMeal] line set. Added an alternate line.
    • A graphical glitch was occurring when resistances were increased from having a meal together with pets, so the visual effects will no longer [play] when eating together.
    • Fixed pets being unable to eat anything unless their satiety has decreased to the new [lower] minimum set the previous update. They are now able to eat when their satiety reaches the old minimum.
    • Fixed pets not earning any money from selling wild flowers in towns.
    • Fixed being unable to enchant equipment asides from melee and ranged weapons with the remote blow equipment attribute.
    • Fixed there being duplicate checks (e.g. karma penalty) for NPC deaths occurring on a puddle of acid/potion or in a pillar of fire.
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