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    Changelog for 1.67fix3 (E)

    This is a version to test the new faster save file loading method. Use this only if you know what you're doing, and make a backup of save files used with this version.

    [Changes and additions]
    • Implemented quicker save file loading based the guide that was given. If the game crashes after doing something in particular, or if you find that certain game data doesn't get saved, then please do let me know. I may have missed something.
    • Fixed <Dokuro-Mikaduki> being considered a junk item because of a mistake made in Excel.

    Changelog for 1.67fix2 (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • You can now give instruments to any pet that has the Performing skill.
    • The alternative Japanese name for robe and pope robe were both "robe", so the alternative name for the latter has been changed to "garb". (NB: does not affect the English version.)
    • Added a random Nefia generation pattern that produces Nefia of a danger level that is 0.9 to 1.1 times that of the lowest dungeon floor beaten.
    • Fixed starting skill selection getting skipped if a custom class name is not entered when creating a new character.
    • Fixed region price modifiers for trade goods becoming 0 if you look at the trader's shop inventory then restart the game.
    • Fixed the issue with the spell writer's shop inventory.

    Changelog for 1.67fix (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • Increased the number of seeds that the cute fairy pukes out but limited it to once a day. The seeds will also always be generated uncursed and unblessed. Fixed a mistake in the date settings.
    • The skill level and attribute reduction [service] added in 1.67 has been changed. The lower limit for Speed remains 50, but all other stats have a new lower limit of 20. The character level minimum is now 10. Luck attribute is no longer decreased.
    • The range in reduction of potentials and their lower limit when attributes get increased by a fixed value (NB: probably from things like quaffing wells) is now the same as when attributes level up due to gained experience. Fixed-value attribute increases are now able to increase attributes even when potential is 0%.
    • Unblessed potions of potential now increase 5 times the potential. There probably aren't that many people who quaff them unblessed, but just in case.
    • When the target item of a quest is a generic wild flower, the quest description will now use the term "wild flower", which is the name of the item when unidentified. They can now be sold in your shop even though they are furniture items.
    • The auto-save for the periodical shop inventory refresh has been changed to when talking to the shopkeepers. (Wizard mode is exempt from this auto-save.) Spell writers will also no longer cause an auto-save. This is because shop inventories weren't saving until players re-entered the map, and spell writers sometimes caused a crash.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Fixed craft repair kit making items black. They were dyed for debug purposes and I forgot to revert it.
    • Fixed '*'s disappearing and skills displaying twice on the special action selection screen and when going back to it after selecting feats when creating a character. Special action selection has been moved so that it's after class selection.
    • Fixed wizard mode not getting exempted from new auto-saves added.
    • Fixed the auto-save for black cat equipment licking occurring before the item drops.
    • Fixed equipment attribute power not getting properly calculated for living weapons in artifact fusion.
    • Fixed items with [no value] being affected by price modifiers.
    • Fixed items with sprite ID greater than 1000 causing a frame shift in the sprites for list of heirlooms in your home.
    • Fixed an NPC added in 1.67 getting marked as non-evolving if it has not evolved yet. Also fixed a frameshift in deck sprites because of a missing check for sprite IDs greater than 1000.
    • Fixed cards for characters that have been marked as having sprite ID greater than 1000 not getting sorted by No. and just getting tacked on to the end.

    Detailed changelog - none for these updates.

    Download for 1.67fix (probably won't work) -
    Download for 1.67fix2 (still works) -
    Download for 1.67fix3 (experimental build) -

    Partial changelog for next version

    [Changes and additions]
    • Made the following changes to the game mode names:
      • Advancing -> Essential
      • Inferno -> Loss
      • No future -> Abnormal
      • Coming next is a game mode that starts with the letter P.
    • Added a bit of Act III main quest content.
    • Added 1 unique artifact for Act III.
    • Added 3 new items, and two new item fusion recipes for them.
    • Added 5 new largeanimal NPCs.
    • Decreased influence of level and increased influence of attributes on maximum HP and MP. The formula is about halfway between that in [previous versions] and vanilla Elona.
    • Meshera-type NPCs will no longer regenerate health and have their HP decreased every turn if they are outdoors or on certain maps when the etherwind is blowing. This HP decrease is not damage, so they will not die from it.
    • Talon soldiers will now have a unique ability that gives an additional +2 to their power gauge when they attack. There will be a description that pops up when talon soldiers and fin crocodiles gain this ability.
    • Adventure Seminar has a new map sprite.
    • Increased the base price of items sold in your shop. Items that have a price of less than 50gp before modifiers can now be sold in your shop.
    • Individual spells can now be hidden in the spell list like special actions.
    • The time display will show *debug* when in wizard mode to make it more distinguishable from regular game modes.
    • Highest damage dealt record no longer counts decapitation damage.
    • Hunting targets for the Fighters Guild will now be less than twice the player's level. It used to be less than thrice the player's level. Other than that, the level formula remains the same.
    • The uncursing service of healers now depends on fame. Lower limit is 300, upper limit 3000.
    • Item types that have been Identified before (i.e. their name is known, sell price is not 1gp, but blessed/cursed status is unknown) will now cost less to identify. Equipment do not qualify for discount.
    • 1,000gp is not an insignificant sum to pay in early game, so pet investigation at the informer now costs 100gp.
    • The increase in potential decrease [in 1.67] was a little too much, so all potential increases from training and items have been increased. The potential decrease remains the same.
    • Like attribute potentials, potentials of all skills will now increase by 2% when waking up. Attribute potential increases have also been increased. Fixed the issue that had persisted from vanilla Elona that caused potential increase to be different from the amount indicated. Potential increases for pets [after sleep] will also use this formula.
    • Souvenir vendors now sell scrolls of growth. This is for people who are drowning in money.
    • When earned AP causes current AP to exceed the cap of 2000, the excess AP earned will decrease total AP. (This means that AP is no longer wasted when AP is at cap.)
    • Items used for evolving pets are now affected by the rare loot trigger, and their base drop rate increased 2 to 5 times.
    • When drunk, insanity received is halved and Sanity counter will increase by 1 less.
    • Lulwy will now accept arrows and bolts as offerings.
    • Ehekatl will now accept dead fish as offerings.
    • Changed the effect of Objet of heart. It can now target an adjacent NPC to bring up a list of its elemental weaknesses and status ailments that it is not immune to, as well as other information such as the ability to float or see invisible monsters.
    • Seminars at the Adventure Seminar that have been completed and their item reward given will now cost 50gp to distinguish them from seminars that haven't been completed yet.
    • Added a new item that is awarded when all item rewards at the Adventure Seminar have been given.
    • The rate of obtaining bronze coins is apparently high enough, so Garok's services now cost bronze coins.
    • Halved the number of small medals required to purchase a Garok's hammer. [Materials no longer have intrinsic equipment attributes;] instead, the various equipment types will now have their own intrinsic equipment attributes. In future versions, these equipment type-specific attributes will be ones that are unobtainable through other means.
    • Increased the grand prize for small gamble chests, with the chance of winning it remaining the same. Added a chance of winning smaller prizes. Increased the amount of Lock Picking they train. A sound effect is played and a message will be displayed when winning them. However, there is no chance of winning if the rare loot trigger is off.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when determining the element of Variable Breath and Extermination Breath special actions..
    • Visitors to your home and Fron the tour planner are no longer marked as summoned NPCs. They now have a different bit flag that causes them to despawn after some time.
    • Fixed Over Long Throw special action not displaying what item was used to attack, except when an extra ranged attack procs, in which case the item name for the previous attack would get displayed.
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    • It would appear that Ano broke or disabled the "notable skill" choice on character creation in 1.67fix, since it isn't being shown anymore.

      EDIT: For some reason he made it so when you cancel out of the attribute re-rolling you get the notable skill menu, if that is a bug or not I'm not sure.
      EDIT2: It does look like a bug since after you choose the notable skill you go back to the attribute re-roll screen. (I fixed it in E+CU, but I'm not sure it is worth putting out a new version just for that)

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    • My gardening and fairies guide probably caused that first nerf haha

      Still easy to get a lot of seeds though

      Put fairy on ranch til you eventually get another one (when i did it, her first baby was a hungry seal.. second was another fairy)

      In custom, put tons of bread in their inventories

      Summon them each day with call familiar so they eat, get 6 seeds, send them back to town til the next day. Continue to go about your business.

      Can still fetter in shelter too, just pass by more days.. and breed extra fairies. Takes a little more work but its ok

      Having the seeds only spawn normally, no bless/curse is really nice

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    • just the fact that it's guaranteed that the seeds will all stack due to not being blessed/cursed is already OP, all you have to do then is to plop a blessed water after you stack a gajillion of them

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    • So, Ano has made Elona+ saves more often than before, but has Ano made Elona+ less prone to file corruption when Elona+ got shutdown improper way yet?

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    • A FANDOM user
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