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    Changelog (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • Added Act III main quest content up to the Tezcatlipoca battle.
    • Added 6 new beetle race NPCs. Added 1 new evolution.
    • Added 3 new NPCs and 1 unique artifact for Act III.
    • Added 2 new special actions. One of these is for NPC use only.
    • Rebalanced SP cost of some special actions based on their usefulness instead of their frequency of use.
    • Added a service in a South Tyris location that decreases the player's and pets' attributes and skill levels. INIT will be recalculated after the decrease. Use this if you want to decrease INIT of characters that were generated at high level. With this, you can decide between using strong [pets] as they are and raising weaker ones.
    • Characters will receive bonus experience for all types of experience when conditions are met. The lower their INIT, the more they will receive.
    • The game will now keep track of the number of days of experience a pet has had being shopkeeper in your shop. Days on which nothing was sold will not be counted. This counter can be viewed on the house board or a register. In the future, a feat may be conferred if this counter reaches a value.
    • Increased the decrease in potential when attributes, spells, and skills level up. Set the lower bound of potential to 0%. Increased the increase in potential caused by all types of training, sleep, potions of potential, and large picnic baskets. Potential changes from breakfast event, scrolls of growth, and bonus points remain the same.
    • Changed the special training in the Doujou from recovering 200 random potentials of one character to increasing all attribute and skill potentials of the target character by a set amount. This means that like regular training, having useless skills on your pet will not be a waste. There will also be a discount based on the number of pets currently training in the Doujou.
    • The rare loot trigger added in 1.66 will now [be turned off] if the game is loaded while less than 10 minutes have passed since the previous load. It will also not turn off after a rare drop is generated. If 10 or more minutes have passed since the previous load, then it will turn on when you load the game again or change maps. If using a save game from before 1.67, it will be off to begin with because the playtime counter won't have anything in it.
    • Wish occurrence rate from quaffing wells has been quintupled, and is also affected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • Spawn rate of living weapons has been quintupled, and is also affected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • Living weapons will now come with one Godly-class equipment attribute even if they are only of Miracle level. However, the level of the attribute will be slightly lower than that on a Godly piece of equipment.
      • The number of choices of equipment attributes displayed remains 8, but each of them will now increase [enhance] level by +4 instead of +2.
      • They are also no longer usable in artifact fusion, and significant changes have been made to the increases in equipment attribute levels.
      • There is a set pattern which will determine what equipment attribute is conferred to the weapon.
      • Furthermore, measures have been introduced to ensure that living weapons gain the bloodsucking attribute when they level up when they already have the maximum number of equipment attributes.
    • The game will now also auto-save when moving between floors of the same map.
    • Removed game loading with the F2 key (which was originally a debug mode feature). Saving with the F1 key remains, because without it players would have to close the game or trigger auto-save.
    • Changed the effect of scrolls of inferior material, change material, and superior material. These scrolls will cycle through their respective lists of material one by one.
      • If the material of the target item is not in the list of material for that particular scroll, then the scroll will start from the beginning of the list.
      • If the material of the target item is in the list, then the scroll will change the material to the next one in its list.
      • There are some materials in the list that will be skipped unless the scroll is blessed.
      • Furniture will also no longer become wooden when certain light materials are picked.
    • Quintupled the spawn rate of material kits (i.e. it is now 1/4 that of a scroll of superior material). Spawn rate is not affected by the aforementioned rare drop trigger.
    • When using a Garok's hammer to change materials, you can now pick desired material from a list of a few candidate materials. Materials available in this list changes from day to day.
    • Ammos can now be enhanced with scrolls of enchant weapon/blacksmiths.
    • Buffed the jack lantern's effect.
    • Implemented an item that can maximize the stats of a piece of equipment within its allowed range. It spawns as frequently as empty bottles and first aid kits.
    • Added a new throwing item.
    • Added a new item craftable with item fusion.
    • Added a new item that acts as a new resource. This will be used for things that would be too expensive if they cost platinum pieces or small medals, but shouldn't be buyable with gold pieces.
    • Added a new item that generates flowers in the wilderness, with the type of flower depending on the month. It is available from unknown seed crops.
    • Added an item that allows you to obtain the figure of a target without killing it. However, it will cause the target to become hostile immediately unless the target is a pet. This is useful for obtaining the figures of NPCs that don't spawn as enemies.
    • Added a new item. Rerolling [duplicates of] unique artifact equipment will turn them into this item instead of becoming a random artifact. This is to prevent the rerolling of artifacts over and over again to yield unusually good equipment that are not be normally obtainable.
    • Made the message displayed when conditions for astral light pen usage aren't met more detailed. [Astral pen copies of NPCs] will now have the same age, height, weight, and faith as the original.
    • Astral light pens are now usable on undead summoned by necromancy. This is for people who have grown really fond of their zombies. Their level relative to the player as well as ink consumption will be calculated with the level of the [original NPC found in the wild]. Necro tuning effects will not be carried over, [except for] changes to their appearance made [by Necro tuning with figures and cards]. Their level will be that of [the original NPC].
    • Astral light pens are now usable on fused undead. This is for people who want to have them as pets. The level requirement and ink consumption will use the level of the original NPC + 100. The level of the astral copy will also be that of the original NPC, but they are undeadgods so they will get weakened.
    • Trismagistus and violent skull sword are now usable as materials in their respective recipes. This means that you can upgrade low-level items that were crafted [when your skill levels were lower].
    • Added a new equipment attribute and a character bit flag that works like quick-draw, allowing characters to counter ranged attacks they receive before the actual attack [hits].
    • Statue of Yacatect now gives platinum pieces and small medals when the date changes [instead of using a cooldown].
    • Statue of Kumiromi gives 3 seeds every time. The type of seed varies depending on the day.
    • Cute fairy gives 3 seeds every time. The type of seed varies depending on the day.
    • Increased chance that the black cat adds an equipment attribute, and the game will auto-save when doing so. It's a servant of Ehekatl, so this will depend on your real-life luck.
    • The game will auto-save when opening a monster ball.
    • Halved the chance of getting attacked by assassins as well as the number of enemies that appear in those attacks during escort quests. The game will auto-save when an attack occurs.
    • Gavela now lets you add the body part of your choice instead of a random part. The amount of Life taken away depends on the body part added.
    • Added a modifier for number of items stocked and maximum number of items available in NPC shops. This modifier depends on the base number of items the shop sells and their invest level. Shop inventories no longer refresh when you talk to the shopkeeper. Instead, all shops on the map will refresh when you enter the map.
    • Quadrupled the spawn rate of flying scrolls.
    • Increased the number of items that get generated on the ground in Nefias.
    • Removed the low chance that eating an egg will give the same effect as eating the corpse of the NPC that had laid it.
    • Corpses that have a chance of granting elemental resistances when eaten now give half the resistance but 100% of the time. The message log will display the increase in resistance only for [every second corpse] eaten.
    • Halved the resistances gained from eating yith-yaki, and changed the chance of gaining resistance from 20% to 100%. The message log will display the increase in resistance only for [every second corpse] eaten. Increased the insanity that they cause as they are readily available from shops.
    • Item drop rate from defeating characters that have the summoned bit flag has been changed from 20% to 0%.
    • Equipment on enemies in Nefia will now have a chance of being +enhanced only if it is of miracle or godly quality. Miracle and godly equipment that are +enhanced will now always drop, so you no longer have to pick up all drops, nor keep farming them until they do.
    • Slightly reduced the effect of +enhance value on the price of food and equipment.
    • Cooking will now yield one more product when Cooking skill is level 100 and above, and another when level 200 and above. The effect of the ingredient will remain, but the effects of herbs mixed into the ingredient will be lost.
    • Increased the number of jerky pieces produced by 5 times. Satiety that they recover is now 60% of what the value used to be.
    • Approximate difficulty of spellbook reading is now displayed in the description of spellbooks. This is just a ballpark figure so that you can roughly know which ones you can read instead of getting surprised by their difficulty.
    • When you do not have any pet slots free, the game will tell you that when offering the choice of whether you want to take a certain puppy or extraterrestrial with you. That means you no longer have to wonder why you can't bring them with you even after talking to them.
    • Redesigning your home and moving stayers will now take 1 turn.
    • Adventurers will no longer be hostile to you when they return [from the hospital] after getting defeated in a duel.
    • You can now hand over instrument-type items to pets who have performer-type AIs.
    • Changed some descriptions.
    • Fixed gold pieces for defeating Nefia bosses getting spawned at a random coordinate on the same map.
    • Fixed the "Loyter or vanity" Party Time! spawning rule not working.
    • Fixed Ensemble effect ending when an NPC's performance ends while Ensemble is ongoing.
    • Fixed the AIs of several characters who were supposed to use regular attacks in combination with their other moves but didn't use them at all.

    Detailed changelog (E) Beware of spoilers?

    [Additional main quest content]
    • Talking to Leold on F39 of the Cradle and selecting the option will bring you to the Tezcatlipoca battle. Two talon soldiers will also spawn, but they will disappear when Tezcatlipoca is defeated. There is a conversation with Leold after you win. Next update will add a cutscene after moving to another map.
    [New NPCs]
    • <Tezcatlipoca>
      • Level 200 god. Floats.
      • Uses Distant Attack, Dimensional Move, Eye of Illusion, and Attribute.
      • Has the special ability to nullify smokescreens during its turn.
      • NB: Japanese name lit. Night Smoke Tezatlipoca.
    • fin crocodile
      • Level 8 servant. Floats.
      • Uses Water Bolt and Alchemical Rain. Voracity Fang on low health.
      • Comes with Swimming skill. Has the special ability that multiplies the speed bonus from Swimming by 1.5 times. Sprite is the same for males and females. Will be able to evolve in future versions.
    • talon soldier
      • Level 8 servant. Floats.
      • Uses Hero, Regeneration, and Provoke.
      • Has the special ability to nullify smokescreens during its turn. Sprite is the same for males and females. Will be able to evolve in future versions.
    • black hopper X
      • Level 157 beetle. Forms swarms, floats, and has temper bit flag.
      • Uses Power Breath, Scavenge, and Voracity Fang.
    • assault red dragonfly
      • Level 136 beetle. Forms swarms and floats. Uses Clash Rush.
    • battle hopper
      • Level 115 beetle. Uses Body Blow. Uses ZinlaiKyaku on low health.
    • magic hawk moth
      • Level 105 beetle. Floats. Magic resistant.
      • Lightning Bolt, Fascination Dance, Eye of dimness, and Eye of Illusion.
    • nursing moth
      • Level 50 beetle. Non-hostile. Weak to cold. Touch of Sleep and Healing Rain.
    • caterpillar sniper
      • Level 16 beetle. Melee wait.
    [New evolution]
    • caterpillar sniper evolves with god heart into god moth. Will use Draw Shadow if its target is not adjacent to it. Gains ability to use Punishment. Glows. Does not gain float bit flag.
    [New special actions]
    • Curtain of Smoke
      • Learned during level up when Stealth skill is level 20 or above. A wide-area skill.
      • It generates a smokescreen map effect centred around the user.
      • Tiles with smoke on them will reduce range of sight. Smoke disappears with the passage of turns. Like other map effects, they can be overwritten.
      • Ball and bolt spell areas of effect will also be reduced by the smoke, but they will be able to clear the smoke effect within that AoE even if they are not water-type spells.
      • Breath-type attacks will not be affected at all, and will [also be able to remove the smoke effect].
      • Sense Object will make it transparent.
      • Use this when you want to run away or put some distance between you and your target, as it hinders attacks that depend on range of sight like spells, ranged attacks, and Shadow Step. This will not prevent enemies from chasing you down though.
      • The following existing NPCs will gain this special action: red ninja, new citizen, and <Eila>the fugitive Kunoichi. They will have a chance of using it if their target is 2 or more tiles away and there is no smoke on the tile they are standing on.
    • Smoke Mirror
      • Gauge attack for Tezcatlipoca. Will not be used when recruited as a pet.
      • Places 200 (which is the limit) smokescreen map effects on the map.
      • Will also buff the user with Black Mirror, a new buff. This will cause each of the user's attributes ranging from Strength to Magic to become the average of their original values and the player's corresponding attributes. This means that the user will become weakened in most cases. You can also deliberately lower your attributes when fighting Tezcatlipoca. If the player is way too strong, this will help make it a bit of a challenge.
      • Based on its usefulness relative to the attacks of other gods and its cosmetic purpose, gauge consumption has been set to 50%. This gauge attack will be used most of the time, leaving little to no chance of weapon gauge usage.
    [New items]
    • <Yohualli Tezcatl>
      • Small shield unique artifact equipped by Tezcatlipoca. Will drop.
    • craft repair kit
      • Randomly generated consumable. Use it on a target piece of equipment (will work on ammos but not unique artifacts) to change their stats to the upper limit for their material.
      • Will also set negative accuracy penalty to the minimum.
      • High spawn rate so that you can use these on pet equipment as well.
    • ohuda
      • Randomly generated junk item.
      • When thrown at a target, will deal magic damage dependent on Throwing and Magic Device skill levels. Will also remove buffs, so there's only one difference between this and Megid Flame.
      • It's not a rod/spellbook/scroll, but magic shops will stock these.
      • NB: paper talisman.
    • lovely bouquet
      • Not randomly generated, but craftable with item fusion.
      • Increases impress when given to targets that are at Fellow or above. Targets below Fellow will still accept the bouquet, but there will be no increase in impress.
    • bio printer
      • Randomly generated consumable. Yields the figure of the target NPC without killing it.
    • stardust
      • Extra copies of unique artifacts will turn into this. Not randomly generated. Consumable.
      • Use it to enhance artifacts (unique and otherwise) up to +15.
      • Will also work on ammos.
    [New resource]
    • bronze coin
      • Randomly generated. (Shops will never stock these.) Is not a type of ore.
      • Given as a bonus for Harvest Time quests, and is sometimes generated on the ground in towns.
      • Salary will pay 1 of these if your taxes are not in arrears.
      • Quartermaster feats will give an additional 1 whether your taxes are in arrears or not, even for Apprentice Quartermaster.
      • Will not be given as salary when in the Deep-sea castle.
      • Has the following uses:
        • Upgrading your cart. It had been changed from small medals to platinum pieces but it was still too expensive.
        • Training the shopkeeper in your shop. It used to cost money, but it was kind of weird that you spent money to earn money in the shop.
        • Ordering the special dish at inns. Gives an attribute growth buff to the player and all pets in sight who are able to not incapacitated (NB: not asleep, etc). Will become Satisfied if satiety is below Satisfied.
      • Will have more uses and ways of obtaining these in the future.
    [Flowers that bloom in the wilderness]
    • Name and appearance will change with the month in which they are generated.
      • January - daffodil
      • February - margaret
      • March - dandelion
      • April - tulip - default colour will be picked at random from 3 colours.
      • May - rose - default colour will be picked at random from 3 colours.
      • June - hydrangea - default colour will be picked at random from 3 colours.
      • July - lily
      • August - sunflower
      • September - marigold
      • October - cosmos
      • November - chrysanthemum
      • December - primula
      • Like fishes obtained from fishing, these will all [have the same item ID].
      • They are a type of furniture, will come with prefixes, and their material can be changed.
      • They have a high chance of getting generated. They will not display as rawwork when made of raw.
      • They sell for a decent price, and when handed to pets they will sell them just like ores.
      • Pets will not pick up flowers and can be asked to return them to you.
      • They may have an +enhance value when harvested from unknown seed crops that will increase their price, so you could probably roleplay a florist or a flower selling girl.
      • Throwing roses will not deal weight-dependent damage, but will instead cause bleed damage dependent on their +enhance value, so you can have fun with these.
      • And of course, you can use these to decorate your properties.
    [New equipment attribute]
    • It allows quick shooting.
      • Ranged weapons will rarely come with this. Pistols and short bows have a higher chance of having it.
      • When hit by regular ranged attacks (including throwing ones), the wielder will deal a small amount of unmitigable damage dependent on Marksman skill on the attacker before the attack hits. 2 turns of Wince will also be afflicted on the attacker.
      • Will not activate when affected by Blind, Sleep, Paralyzed, Unconscious, or time stop, and also when sandbagged.
      • Will not work against Zero shoot and Fire a volley.
      • Will work only against the first attack of extra ranged attacks, rapid ammos, and burst ammos.
      • Characters that will have this as a bit flag are gunfish, archayeek gunner, <Milis> the soldier, requiem, and chaos hunter. (Will also work for existing characters after their stats are recalculated.)
    [Bonus experience]
    • If the parameter that gains experience is equal to or greater than the Speed part of INIT + 100, then it will gain bonus experience. The lower the attribute + Life/Mana part of INIT, the greater the bonus.
      • This bonus is added before the reduction based on the current value of the parameter and the various multipliers.
      • The idea here is to prevent characters from growing extremely quickly when starting off, and to alleviate the stagnation in growth in late-game.
      • This will also help out character that have low starting speed and relatively fewer chances to level attributes and skills.
    [Somewhere in South Tyris...]
    • Added an option to the conversation with Maile in the Oblivion Palace.
      • This will halve attributes and skill levels of the target character that are 50 or above. (Minimum is 50.) If level is 50 or above, then it will also be halved.
      • This is repeatable, so you can lower stats until you're satisfied. Be careful though, as characters that start off with stats that are below 50 may have their INIT increased instead.
      • This can mess things up, so unlike the other options, selecting this option will not auto-save the game.
      • Like the other options, the error message is purely cosmetic.
    [Adding body parts with Gavela]
    • Cost for pets is a lot lower than for the player, except for torso parts as they are unobtainable from regular gene engineering.
    [Additional notes about rare item spawning]
    • If a new month or year starts after loading a game, then the rare drop trigger will be turned on on the 1st of the month at 0:10am. This is because a day can be defined as 1440 minutes, but months and years have variations that make them impossible to be defined as a constant. An idea I had was to disable the trigger for 10 minutes after every game save, which would also work against [item farming] using backups of save files. However, that wasn't implemented and this trigger will turn off only when loading saves the regular way. After all, people who tinker with the save data outside the game would probably find it faster to just edit the game memory.

    Partial changelog for next version

    Nothing happens...

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    • Wow <Tezcatlipoca> is a twist this whole time.

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    • "The game will auto-save when opening a monster ball"

      i'm playing on 1.65 and haven't updated it to 1.66 is the gender still randomized in opening a monster ball? 

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    • Nice! Here's hoping custom updates soon ^_^

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    • Wow, a lot of these changes are... Eh.

      On the one hand, I love that you're guaranteed to get something useful from scrolls of ____ material, but I feel like this manages to simultaneously mae them a lot more powerful, and a lot weaker, or at least more clunky. I'm also unsure about how I feel in regards to monster balls saving on opening; was that some kind of huge exploit?

      Similarly, I'm 'eh' on the removal of F2. If people want to hot-load, let them hot-load. It's not really my style, but it's a game. Plus, though this changes to Living Weapons look great, you're still gonna outgrow them pretty fast, and that's if you even find one... Because four X zero is still zero. Hehehe.

      But hey, more beetles. And flowers! I'm actually pretty cool with that!

      I'm gonna have to play for a bit to get a read on how the potential changes work out, though it looks like a pretty steep return to the older, more grind-intensive Elona. Your milege may vary, I suppose.

      Stardust and bronze coins seem the most 'efficient' new mechanics. We'll see though.

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    • wrote:
      Nice! Here's hoping custom updates soon ^_^

      Here's hoping custom fixes all the stupid decisions Ano made in his little power trip.

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    • I'll have to do some prep work before I update to 1.67, not like I'm far enough in the game for it to matter anyways.

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    • Should the Ohuda be called the Ofuda?

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    • Wish those working on elona custom godspeed.

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    • So, to start off, I'll say I'm working on porting E+CU to 1.67.
      However at this moment I'm still measuring the amount of work it will take, and I plan on releasing a straight up port first, before I actually document what will be needed to "revert" (or better yet add a new tweak to disable) the anti-scumming changes (which by the looks of it in the changelog, seem to be plenty).

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    • I'm fine with the anti-scumming changes, removing an option that should be in debug to begin with is not a problem whatsoever imo, I used to scum a lot and it actually took quite a bit of the fun and challenge out of the game, having it made harder to do will be an incentive to not do it, and all the other changes seem to normalize the RNG a bit more so you don't need to abuse it (see: material scrolls), I do hope not all RNG is removed because that would beat the point of the game belonging in a genre.

      Having a tweak to revert seems fine, but I think the negative backlash from this community is a bit too much for a change that's good. Scumming in these games is basically cheating, people who like cheating should be allowed to do so, but that's what you can use the debug mode for and edit files if you want, being this pissy about a sensible change makes no sense to me.

      Calling it a "power trip" is silly and disrespectful at best, he's choosing to develop this game and should be allowed to make decisions on things whether we like it or not, there's some weird entitlement going on here. Otherwise there's always modding like custom or simply playing older versions or not playing E+ at all.

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    • You need to understand that not everyone thinks its good, not everyone thinks save scumming is detracting from that game, that is YOUR beliefs, not the entire community. Not everyone looks at scumming as cheating, thats something YOU do. You need to stop projecting what you think on the entire community.

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    • That's just how the genre works mate, playing a roguelike/roguelite and savescumming is cheating akin to having infinite bullets in an FPS, if you don't like it feel free to use the debug/cheat mode, but it's really not a big deal at all.

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    • The potential gained from trainers went from a flat 20% to a flat 50%

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    • Bloodyshade wrote:
      So, to start off, I'll say I'm working on porting E+CU to 1.67.
      However at this moment I'm still measuring the amount of work it will take, and I plan on releasing a straight up port first, before I actually document what will be needed to "revert" (or better yet add a new tweak to disable) the anti-scumming changes (which by the looks of it in the changelog, seem to be plenty).

      Sounds good man, sorry that I haven't really been working on any translation stuff lately. Been a lot of good games out recently that have been distracting me. I might push out an update to it sometime soon with just a run-through of all the item names and work on translating the flavor descriptions over time later.

      -- Kosher pork
      'Should the Ohuda be called the Ofuda?'
      Technically ふ can be read both ways, but I'd say it's typically romanized far more often as 'fu', so I would say Ofuda would be correct.

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    • the elona custom link in the home page leads here, should be fixed if possible

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    • It might just be me, but it seems like they also made skills lose potential faster.

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    • wrote:
      It might just be me, but it seems like they also made skills lose potential faster.

      I heard it's 10% of current potential? Easier to notice when higher of course

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    • Word of caution: Be careful about using craft repair kits on your better gears; it seems to have the nasty habit of triggering the "it's too unfair to equip" flag if they're particularly powerful to begin with.

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    • Does anyone have a alternate download link?

      The main download link seems to be down.

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    • same Here wrote:
      Does anyone have a alternate download link?

      The main download link seems to be down.

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    • wrote:
      Does anyone have a alternate download link?

      The main download link seems to be down.

      That's because 1.67fix is up.



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    • Kind of wish Elona+ team would fully embrace Elona's more sandbox style of gameplay and make maps for other parts of the world, like Yerles, Eulderna, Zana...

      The main story and the actual gameplay really feel like they got blindfolded, tied up and then locked into separate rooms. Not the biggest problem, since I'm really of tired of Bioware's storytelling trope of 'player is the only chosen one that's the focus of the story, and anyone not sucking player's cock is either retarded, selfish, evil, or all of above', but I wish I'm playing as someone a bit involved in the story than the clean up janitor after the main party...

      Or alternatively just forget about a 'main story' and show other parts of the world in Irva.

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    • A FANDOM user
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