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    Changelog (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • The armour equipped by NPCs will now be +enhanced depending on their starting level like their weapon currently is. This will not apply to summoned NPCs and NPCs outside Nefias though.
    • Equipment increase in price with their +enhance value. Enhanced equipment have the same chance of dropping [from kills] as miracle-quality equipment. The chance for enhanced miracle equipment to drop is even higher. Be sure to leave some space in your inventory so that you can pick these equipment up.
    • Reduced the multiplier on sales at player shops specialized in equipment from 2 times to 1.5 times.
    • Greatly reduced the delay between refresh ticks for generating fertilizer on farms and well as the Rubbing and milking cooldowns on the ranch from 120 hours to 24 hours. For existing saves, the new cooldown will take effect after the next fertilizer generation/Rubbing/milking. There is still the minimum 24 hours delay between crop growth [ticks] and generation/breeding of ranch animals. However, the number of chances that crops get to grow over a period of a few days has been doubled, and the chance of ranch animal breeding/produce spawning has been quadrupled.
    • Amount of money rewarded for clearing Nefias (and their individual floors) was way too much, so it has been significantly reduced.
    • Added just a few pieces of info that the tutorial facility was lacking.
    • Added 1 new unique NPC in the tutorial facility who will give you an item if you meet the requirement.
    • Slightly reduced the fee for attending the Seminar. This is as low as it will go so that players will pay attention to the content.
    • Changed the portraits of 4 unique NPCs added in 1.65. Middle-age wizards are kind of hard to draw...
    • Added 2 new red books.
    • Made categories of instruments produce different "♪" [speech bubbles]. Some of them were kind of hard to illustrate as text, so these might change in the future.
    • Performing and harvesting quests will now automatically end if you leave the map. (The quests will be cleared if you meet the quotas.) Added an exit for the Party Time! map at the bottom.
    • Changed appearance rates and added more unique NPCs to the list that will appear in Party Time!. There is now a difference between North and South Tyris in terms of the NPCs that will appear, and people who shouldn't be together will no longer appear at the same location.
    • Greatly increased the chance of satisfying the audience when Fascination Dance succeeds.
    • Preaching special action will now please the audience and award points.
    • When characters with the spell multi-casting bit flag defeat an enemy with dart-type spells, they will no longer immediately search for the next target and shoot the remaining dart spells at it.
    • Disturbance special action no longer activates when used on a target that does not use gauge attacks. The animation has also been sped up, and the log will describe who used Disturbance on which target.
    • Made some South Tyris towns have more/less of certain types of quests.
    • Digging town walls will yield gold bars as well as gold pieces.
    • Reduce the amount of nutrition that the goose needs to lay platinum pieces. Yacatect's gem stone now gives 10-25pp (depending on Faith skill level).
    • Increased the limit on number of handmade chocolate that you can make [per year] from 3 to 10. However, they no longer heal, and their effect on Impress has been reduced.
    • Pets being ridden will now have their HP bar colour change when they are not hungry.
    • Rod of alchemy and energy crystal of matrix no longer work on items marked as important.
    • When NPCs attempt to use Shadow Step, Run Wildly, ZinlaiKyaku, or Clash Rush on a target out of sight, it will now become a regular movement instead of attack.
    • Changed the colour of some wall tiles in the Act III main dungeon.
    • The log now displays if bomb rocks are idling or in combat, so keep an eye on it. Cluster bomb rock also no longer uses Draw Shadow, and will approach its target with regular movement. As such, they are no longer something that you have to prepare for in advance and are now quite avoidable.
    • Eye of brainwashing special action now has a visual effect only when the target fails to resist. If the target is the player, the attribute used to resist is now Will instead of Charisma. If the target is an NPC, (Impress + player's Charisma) will be rolled against (50 + attacker's Charisma) to resist.
    • There is a feature in vanilla Elona where breath attacks do not work on tiles outside a radius centred on the player. This means that all breath attacks outside used to be just a wasted [turn]. This has been changed so that breath attacks will work outside that radius.
    • The equipment that NPCs spawn with and rare drops that have a 1/100 chance of getting generated or less now have 5-20 times the rate of getting generated. However, there is a trigger that decides if they will get generated, and this has a 1/4 chance of being turned on at the start of each day. Once [a rare piece of artifact equipment or rare drop] spawns, this trigger is turned off. These items will never drop/spawn when the trigger is off.
    • <Oti-Tubaki>, <Hero's cloak>, plank of Carneades, and <Nightmare> will now get randomly generated. They are unaffected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • The <Stradivarius> is now available for purchase with music tickets.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Fixed the log not describing who used a breath attack for breath attacks used within sight.
    • Fixed an NPC added in 1.65 not being marked as unique, causing it to get randomly generated and not speak its unique NPC lines. If this NPC is already generated in a save file from a previous version, the game will automatically mark it as unique when you enter the border map.
    • Fixed the deck image of an NPC added in 1.65 (not the aforementioned).
    • Fixed sprites for female chickens not getting used.
    • Fixed exchange items (NB: music tickets/small medals?) in player shops not getting categorized as sellable items.
    • Fixed vomiting when Alchemical Rain is use and generating a vomit causing the current Alchemical Rain to apply the blessed/cursed status of the vomit [to the remaining hits].
    • Fixed getting hit by cut damage counter when using Distant Attack adjacent to the target.
    • Fixed custom dungeon deed map name getting reset to the default when you exit the map by walking off the map edges.
    • Fixed challenge-type hunting quests not getting cleared after defeating the quest target if the same type of monster has been summoned (by necromancy or otherwise) on the map.

    Detailed changelog (E) Beware of spoilers?

    1.66: detailed changelog

    [New NPC]
    • <Karata> the seminar mascot
      • Level 45 metal. Not suitable for riding, metal, immune to elemental attacks.
      • Voracity Fang on low health.
      • Will ask 4 questions based on the current seminar (3 questions if there are joke answers.)
      • [Answer them correctly] and he will give you an item. (And only one, even if the day changes.)
    [Party Time! unique NPC appearances]
    • North Tyris
      • Either Loyter or Whom dwell in the vanity (Loyter will appear 100% of the time at certain points in the main quest).
      • Mia, Shena, and Gilbert are guaranteed to appear.
      • One of the following groups will appear:
        • <Part time worker> the red sword + Karata
        • Mito + Ajetalio
        • Cresce
      • Each of the following has a 20% chance of appearing:
        • Raphael, Renton, Strance scientist, Lomias, and Larnneire
        • Marka joins the list in mid-Act III.
    • South Tyris
      • One of Lomias, Larnneire, or vanity is guaranteed to appear. (Whom dwell in vanity becomes Vessel during the main quest, and will not appear in the beginning of Act III).
      • One of Stoke, Mefan, or Zisilion is guaranteed to appear.
      • New citizen (NB: Laie the citizen) is guaranteed to appear after the corresponding sub quest is completed.
      • Each of the following has a 20% chance of appearing:
        • Caim, Zernard, The leopard warrior, Silvia, and Arma.
        • Melget joins the list in mid-Act III.
    [Bias in South Tyris town board quests]
    • Kurualm has a high chance of generating delivery quests.
    • Ludus has a high chance of generating harvest quests, but not as high as Yowyn.
    • Arcbelc has a high chance of generating performing quests.

    Partial changelog for next version

    [Changes and additions]
    • Added 6 new beetle race NPCs. Added 1 new evolution.
    • Added 3 new NPCs and 1 unique artifact for Act III.
    • Added 2 new special actions. One of these is for NPC use only.
    • Rebalanced SP cost of some special actions based on their usefulness instead of their frequency of use.
    • Added a service in a South Tyris location that decreases the player's and pets' attributes and skill levels. INIT will be recalculated after the decrease. Use this if you want to decrease INIT of characters that were generated at high level. With this, you can decide between using strong [pets] as they are and raising weaker ones.
    • Characters will receive bonus experience for all types of experience when conditions are met. The lower their INIT, the more they will receive.
    • Increased the decrease in potential when attributes, spells, and skills level up. Set the lower bound of potential to 0%. Increased the increase in potential caused by all types of training, sleep, potions of potential, and large picnic baskets. Potential changes from breakfast event, scrolls of growth, and bonus points remain the same.
    • The rare loot trigger added in 1.66 will now [be turned off] if the game is loaded while less than 10 minutes have passed since the previous load. If 10 or more minutes have passed, then it will remain on. When it is off, it will turn on again after 10 minutes have elapsed since a game load. It will not turn off after a rare drop is generated.
    • Wish occurrence rate from quaffing wells has been quintupled, and is also affected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • Spawn rate of living weapons has been quintupled, and is also affected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • Living weapons will now always come with one Godly-class equipment attribute even if they are only of Miracle level. However, the level of the attribute will be slightly lower than that on a Godly piece of equipment. When they level up, the choices offered will now increase attribute level by +4 instead of +2, and the list of choices will now depend on the day. They are also no longer usable in artifact fusion. Furthermore, measures have been introduced to ensure that living weapons gain the bloodsucking attribute when they level up when they already have the maximum number of equipment attributes.
    • The game will now also auto-save when moving between floors of the same map.
    • Removed game loading with the F2 key (which was originally a debug mode feature). Saving with the F1 key remains, because without it players would have to close the game or trigger auto-save.
    • Changed the effect of scrolls of inferior material, change material, and superior material. These scrolls will cycle through their respective lists of material one by one. If the material of the target item is not in the list of material for that particular scroll, then the scroll will start from the beginning of the list. If the material of the target item is in the list, then the scroll will change the material to the next one in its list. There are some materials in the list that will be skipped unless the scroll is blessed. Furniture will also no longer become wooden when certain light materials are picked.
    • Quintupled the spawn rate of material kits (i.e. it is now 1/4 that of a scroll of superior material). Spawn rate is not affected by the aforementioned trigger.
    • When using a Garok's hammer to change materials, you can now pick desired material from a list of a few candidate materials. Materials available in this list changes from day to day.
    • Implemented an item that can maximize the stats of a piece of equipment within its allowed range. It spawns as frequently as empty bottles and first aid kits.
    • Added a new throwing item.
    • Added a new item craftable with item fusion.
    • Added a new item that acts as a new resource. This will be used for things that would be too expensive if they cost platinum pieces or small medals, but shouldn't be buyable with gold pieces.
    • Added a new item that generates flowers in the wilderness, with the type of flower depending on the month. It is available from unknown seed crops.
    • Made the message displayed when conditions for astral light pen usage aren't met more detailed. [Astral pen copies of NPCs] will now have the same age, height, weight, and faith as the original.
    • Astral light pens are now usable on undead summoned by necromancy. This is for people who have grown really fond of their zombies. Their level relative to the player as well as ink consumption will be calculated with the level of the [original NPC found in the wild]. Necro tuning effects will not be carried over, but changes made to their appearance will. Their level will be that of [the original NPC].
    • Astral light pens are now usable on fused undead. This is for people who want to have them as pets. The level requirement and ink consumption will use the level of the original NPC + 100. The level of the astral copy will also be that of the original NPC, but they are undeadgods so it will get reduced.
    • Trismagistus and violent skull sword are now usable as materials in their respective recipes. This means that you can upgrade low-level items that were crafted [when your skill levels were lower].
    • Added a new equipment attribute and a character bit flag that works like quick-draw, allowing characters to counter ranged attacks they receive before the actual attack [hits].
    • Statue of Yacatect now gives platinum pieces and small medals when the date changes [instead of using a cooldown].
    • Statue of Kumiromi gives 3 seeds every time. The type of seed varies depending on the day.
    • Cute fairy gives 3 seeds every time. The type of seed varies depending on the day.
    • Increased chance that the black cat adds an equipment attribute, and the game will auto-save when doing so. It's a servant of Ehekatl, so this will depend on your real-life luck.
    • The game will auto-save when opening a monster ball.
    • Halved the chance of getting attacked by assassins as well as the number of enemies that appear in those attacks during escort quests. The game will auto-save when an attack occurs.
    • Gavela now lets you add the body part of your choice instead of a random part. The amount of Life taken away depends on the body part added.
    • Added a modifier for number of items stocked and maximum number of items available in NPC shops. This modifier depends on the base number of items the shop sells and their invest level. Shop inventories no longer refresh when you talk to the shopkeeper. Instead, all shops on the map will refresh when you enter the map.
    • Quadrupled the spawn rate of flying scrolls.
    • Increased the number of items that get generated on the ground in Nefias.
    • Removed the low chance that eating an egg will give the same effect as eating the corpse of the NPC that had laid it.
    • Corpses that have a chance of granting elemental resistances when eaten now give half the resistance but 100% of the time. The message log will display the increase in resistance only for [every second corpse] eaten.
    • Halved the resistances gained from eating yith-yaki, and changed the chance of gaining resistance from 20% to 100%. The message log will display the increase in resistance only for [every second corpse] eaten. Increased the insanity that they cause as they are now readily available from shops.
    • Item drop rate from defeating characters that have the summoned bit flag has been changed from 20% to 0%.
    • Equipment on enemies in Nefia will now have a chance of being +enhanced only if it is of miracle or godly quality. Miracle and godly equipment that are +enhanced will now drop at random [instead of 100% of the time]. So you no longer have to pick up all equipment that enemies drop, nor keep farming them until they do.
    • Slightly reduced the effect of +enhance value on the price of food and equipment.
    • Cooking will now yield one more product when Cooking skill is level 100 and above, and another when level 200 and above. The effect of the ingredient will remain, but the effects of herbs mixed into the ingredient will be lost.
    • Increased the number of jerky pieces produced by 5 times. Satiety that they recover is now 60% of what the value used to be.
    • Approximate difficulty of spellbook reading is now displayed in the description of spellbooks. This is just a ballpark figure so that you can roughly know which ones you can read instead of getting surprised by their difficulty.
    • When you do not have any pet slots free, the game will tell you that when offering the choice of whether you want to take a certain puppy or alien with you. That means you no longer have to wonder why you can't bring them with you even after talking to them.
    • Adventurers will no longer be hostile to you when they return [from the hospital] after getting defeated in a duel.
    • You can now hand over instrument-type items to pets who have performer-type AIs.
    • Changed some descriptions.
    • Fixed gold pieces for defeating Nefia bosses getting spawned at a random coordinate on the same map.
    • Fixed the "Loyter or vanity" Party Time! spawning rule not working.
    • Fixed Ensemble effect ending when an NPC's performance ends while Ensemble is ongoing.

    Stuff on Ano's blog:
    About living weapons.

    Is it such a bad idea for living weapon [growth] to be dependent on the date?

    1. Players won't know what [equipment attribute] will be gained if they don't look it up.

    2. Loading a previous save will not affect what attribute is gained.

    3. Players who look things up will be able to choose which attribute is gained.

    Date-dependent weapon leveling is the only mechanic that I can think of that fulfills all 3 of the above requirements. The current system allows some degree of choice by letting you choose the category of the attribute gained, but I've always wanted to implement #2 as well. If it's a system that fulfills only #1 and #2, then the game will have to auto-save. If players are able to choose the exact attribute they want, then #1 won't be fulfilled.

    If players are able to choose the exact attribute they want but the options that they are presented with are generated at random, then it's not really worth letting them pick if the attribute gain and attributes are the same. But if there's some advantage in doing so then some players will say that save scumming is the only way to make the best living weapon.

    If the level-up mechanic is complicated, then it'll be harder to fulfill #2 and #3. On top of that, players who don't look anything up might be tempted to save scum. But come to think of it, auto saving would be necessary even if weapon leveling were date dependent.

    If someone can think of a system that fulfills all #1-3, then please let me know. If you don't have any suggestions but just want to say that you don't want a date-dependent system/forget about #2 and #3/go play natural, then please don't.

    P.S. One idea I came up with while at work: how about a system where the player gets to choose from one of several pre-determined sets of 10 options? The game will choose one of these sets based on some rule, auto save, then present the options. This should fulfill all 3 requirements. Players who don't look anything up will still be able to choose an attribute that they sort of want in the worst case scenario, meaning that the living weapon won't become junk in their case.

    Ideas and stuff.

    This is just a dump of stuff that I've thought of. It's a mix of ideas that will need a lot effort to implement, are difficult to balance, and issues that I haven't found a solution for yet. Ideas and issues that are currently being tackled have been omitted. If there's something I said I would do but isn't on the list, I might have left it out so do let me know.

    • Make all information and explanations available to the player in-game by the time the player is able to clear Act I.
    • The player should be able to handle strong enemies with just a lot of preparation and some good thinking, but will also be able to brute-force them by grinding [attributes and levels]. However, the latter method is far more popular at the moment.
    • Overdose players experience rapid growth and are able to brute-force everything, so do not acquire much player skill and will run into problems in mid-game.
    • Add about 3 mid-bosses in Act II between the 3 bosses and the last boss to tackle the large increase in difficulty and gameplay slump there.
    • Increasing fame doesn't really do anything.
    • Attack-type special actions use subtraction to calculate reductions, causing damage to not increase beyound a certian level.
    • DV-type character are inherently difficult to play.
    • Rebalance the benefits and bonus to defence from leveling up the various armour skills.
    • The skills that don't do anything more beyond a certain level.
    • Too many extra melee attacks.
    • Stacking absolute piercing attack equipment attributes is the most effective way to play. The need to grind sox is also too high.
    • HP increase due to level needs to be rebalanced because end-game enemies have too much HP.
    • Current bias in types of equipment craftable from materials, and the button mashing doesn't give any crafting feel to it.
    • Players tend to be too stingy with special ammos and simply shoot regular attacks.
    • Eternal force and the blizzard are not very practical to use.
    • Ragnarok, despite its name, is nothing to characters that are strong enough.
    • NPC adventurers don't use tools nor have pets, so they don't really seem like they're in the same line of business as the player.
    • It's too much trouble to have to hand food to pets, and you can only choose between handing them stuff or letting them pick up food on the ground. Picnic basket needs to be expanded on to give it more of a feeling of eating a meal together with them.
    • NPCs that spawn with random weapons are too weak.
    • Races and monsters aren't balanced because they don't all have evolutions and also because of the differing evolutions.
    • Roleplaying still has a lot of room to be expanded upon.
    • The player should be able to play as an author or a star, but I can't think of a system.
    • Being unable to progress through the game without killing anything.
    • Throwing heavy items does not do enough damage to warrant carrying them around. Even if they ignored defence they would still not do that much damage, so damage calculation will have to be changed.
    • Restore body and mind spells need some kind of useful side effect because they are too useless now.
    • NPCs don't use breath attack special actions effectively, and their power is also kind of crappy.
    • Can't think of any rewards for collecting cards because all the reward ideas have already been used elsewhere.
    • The timing for werewolf murders are too precise and it's too much of a pain to wait for their execution. Foxes have even less of a presence in game, and I have no idea what it should be like when the fox faction wins against the others. It's hard to make balance decisions about events that have such a low chance of occurring.
    • The items used for offering to gods are skewed in their respective difficulty to obtain.
    • Character portrait details and poses become hard to discern due to image shrinking.
    • There should be more options available in evochat but I can't think of effects for them.
    • Can't think ideas for the sub quests for half of the demi-gods.
    • Need to balance number of platinum pieces obtainable from quests and from Nefia.
    • South Tyris should have a new town and a gathering location for older sisters [that serves as an attraction] like the Void, but it will require quite a bit of work.
    • Lack of graphics and ideas for effects for town facilities [that can be built] through governing towns.
    • Lack of time and graphics for making a trap battle system.
    • Fishes that can be fished up and their sizes should differ depending on the location and weather, but it would require a lot of work. Fishing should also feel like you're pitting your strength against the fish's.
    • Tea and tobacco types should have differing effects but I can't think of any.
    • The bias in types of unique artifacts available.
    • Gauge attacks for ranged weapons are all the same, but should differ according to their ammo type.
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    • Since some people are already wondering, yes I'm already working on porting E+CU to 1.66

      After this update, I'll probably start working on renaming all prm/labels to whatever they are in elona1.22 and the best I can for what is added by E+.
      That will in part make the diff process better and worse, but I think in the end that will make the code more readable and easier to modify/understand when we need to.

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    • I hope the new school is working.

      Here is hoping that NPCs put up a better fight when they all end up with better gear.

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    • I missed the harvest time and performing quests finally ending when you leave the map. I was preparing for performing after beating Act 1.

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    • Is it just me or has the mana recovery rate suddenyl took a nosedive

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    • 24 hr refresh rate on fertilizer and increased spawn rate? Yikes.. farmers are getting quite the boost in these past few patches.

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    • There is a new item called "present", but it doesn't seem to do anything (can't open or use it, nor any other action I could think of). NPCs and pets don't want it.

      I suppose it's the item that the new NPC gives. Anyone figured out what it can be used for?

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    • Thanks.

      Edit: just noticed the effect of the new item generation system. Right now a Begger's Pendant has a 1/15 chance of generating on a beggar, on a "loot-triggering" day (which itself has a 1/4 chance of happening). Compare that with the previous 1/120 chance on any day. Interesting!

      Major update coming to the Loot table page too, I guess.

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    • wrote:
      24 hr refresh rate on fertilizer and increased spawn rate? Yikes.. farmers are getting quite the boost in these past few patches.

      I think it's because players are riding on bell to pass time quickly anyway.

      I really hope that more unique NPC exist to bridge the power level between Act 3, Lost Irva's God, the Gods, and Inner Gods. There's just too much space between it and you have no short term objective to aim for.

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    • Bells suck for riding, but fertilizers took forever to be useful in numbers.

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    • Quite sad the seminar facility is still untranslated.

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    • I can't download the patch. Site is flagged for security reasons.

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    • Kosher pork wrote:
      I can't download the patch. Site is flagged for security reasons.

      Maybe it is because of the ads in that site. Try to turn on the adblocker if not turned on yet.

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    • The porngraphy ads in the site make me sick. Japan is so well known for its porngraphical cultures and the ignorance of its law.

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    • I had to download it from the JP link. I'll remember this.

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    • Kosher pork wrote:
      Bells suck for riding, but fertilizers took forever to be useful in numbers.

      That's the point, we use bells to lower our travel speed to 10, so as to quickly pass time in a few steps.

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    • Has anyone got asked by Karata to receive a random item?

      Because when I tried to receive the random item, I had to asked 4 questions to seminar lecturer instead of the aforementioned above.

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    • I find it difficult to agree with Ano's actions about save scumming, even though the changes won't affect my gameplay. I just find the notion irritating that there is supposed to be only one pure, preapproved way a game must be enjoyed. Worse still is when developers try their hardest to penalize all who dare to deviate, no matter how harmless it is.

      The patronizing tone at the end is just the icing on the cake:

      Also, the game mode with the penalty for save scumming is for those with self-control, and the past and upcoming changes are for those without.
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    • The patronizing tone at the end is just the icing on the cake

      It does seem rather strange that he's making all these changes and saying those things with that tone. There are a few possible reasons:

      1. It could be a mistranslation on my part, as it's not my native tongue. The original text is here for anyone who wants to check it:




      2. Another possibility is that these changes and comments are directed at/provoked by someone in particular. I mean, he alludes to monkeys twice in there. Edit: on hindsight, it's likely that it's all a setup for the dog-monkey pun.

      3. Third possibility is that this is, well, par for course.

      4. Last one I can think of is that he means well with these changes.

      I had a look at the latest thread, and right before these changes there are people recommending save scumming for Blue Spirit and Stradivarius. ("30 minutes a day for a month". "Fastest way is to save scum chests in the Show House". "Right now save scumming Little sisters is the fastest".)

      There's a very old post by him that says something like this:

      Some people would says that this is an offline game, so it doesn't matter how you play because it doesn't affect anyone else. It is true that even if you ruin your [character] in game it doesn't matter.
      However. Offline games are crap if players can go on the internet and encourage people [into ruining their games] by saying that they farmed the heck out of a bug or that they should abuse something before it's patched.

      I don't know if it's possible to squash every single abusable thing in the game, and like others have mentioned it's always possible to use memory/save editors. A person who depends heavily on save-scumming or the other things that he patched would probably these changes as stifling (I know I did, because I used to be a skanky wish room abuser). But going by the stuff that people were encouraging others to do in that thread, I think he means well with these changes.

      Edit: that quote and post was in response to some AP abuse. On hindsight, I probably shouldn't have quoted it as it was for something entirely different, and it's also really old. Sorry about that.

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    • I... actually sort of like these changes. Granted, I don't rely on enemy drops as my source of artifacts, I prefer more reliable ways to get them (black market, these toy machines you need to put 500 Yen coins into, after-sleep armor...).

      I guess he's just being displeased\annoyed by the posts you mentioned. It wouldn't please a dev to hear that the best way to do <X> is to go around game mechanics by save-scumming, so he's taking steps to discourage that sort of acting.

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    • I agree with SiamJai, there is no such thing as the "right way" to play a game, you play games to have fun, and if save-scumming is fun for you, then why not?
      As he said himself, this is an offline game, nobody else but you is affected, so play whatever way pleases you.
      I find it funny that he thinks save-scumming is somehow "ruining" your character/game, it isn't forced, people do it because they want to, if they can't control the urge to "cheat" (though I can barely say it is cheating, since it IS a game option), that is not for the developer to care or amend for, that is for each player to decide.

      Also, "offline games are bad if online opinions affect the way you play"??? What sort of lame argument is that?

      And from what I read on Ano so far, he is quite a hypocrite, going as far as bad-mouthing E+C and then "stealing" translations and now features too. So his opinions are worth very little to me.

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    • bad-mouthing E+C
      "stealing" translations
      and now features too.

      That's news to me. What do you mean?

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    • A long time ago he posted something in his blog about E+C. I don't have the link right now, really don't care enough to look for it either.
      As for translations, he implemented translations that Anna made in custom shortly after that, and now he implemented Anna's feature of leaving the harvest time quests earlier too.

      Not trying to spark debate on him, really couldn't care less about him. Just saying that, personally, I don't think it has anything to do with "good intention" and more to do with "you must play the way I want you to play", much like blizzard's philosophy, which is never a good sign.

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    • >Not trying to spark debate on him

      At the end of the day, we're all here just to play Elona(plus)(custom), so yeah. It's an awfully big bombshell to drop without any explanation though.

      >something in his blog about E+C

      Oh I think I know that one. Something about something breeding while he's not looking, and something about neither stopping it nor giving it official recognition.

      >he implemented translations that Anna made in custom

      Sorry, but I'm reaaaaally curious about this one. I hope you're not talking about the NPC talk and book.txt?

      edit: formatting

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    • It's only a "bombshell" if you want to think of it like that, you can safely ignore that and the other points are still valid...
      From what I talked to Anna like 2 years ago:

      Background selections are translated and match those I did (complete with the overflow problem)
      Well, it appears that someone either edited the background lines or re-translated them (I assume Trantez)

      Again, wasn't trying to change the focus of the debate, just saying that like you want to believe it was good intention on his part, I can't get myself to believe that.

      EDIT: By the way, Anna didn't really have a problem with that, or with not being credited for it either. Also, even if I don't particularly like the guy, the work he put into Elona+ is undeniable and I love it as well.

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    • It does seem rather strange that he's making all these changes and saying those things with that tone. There are a few possible reasons

      Thanks for providing more context! Your translations are on point, and are much appreciated.

      I read the linked JP thread, and yes, it appears that he has taken issue with players giving "bad" advice online. For the benefit of doubt I assume good intentions, though I still think it's a misguided attempt.

      I can't see how the reload penalty would make things better. Maybe we'll do away with "reload 30 minutes/day", but we still have "grind X hours/day" as a regular feature. Also, as mentioned, all other means of messing with game mechanics are still there and can't be stopped.

      On the other hand, going against an established practice will likely alienate a portion of the regular player-base, and the dev's insulting remarks create a toxic environment. Lose-lose, as far as I can see. A pity!

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    • Has anyone received platinum from Zisilion more than 3 platinums?

      So far I only get 3 platinums after doing more than 1 quests.

      Also skipping the day to claim the platinum, didn't add up to the next day I claimed those platinums.


      Speaking of dungeon Nefia reward nerfing, the maximum reward has been nerfed into 50000gp per floor... which means 300000gp per dungeon with 6 floors dungeon.

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    • Soooo...any chance of making a tweak option to eliminate the save-scumming penalty in Elona Custom? While I admit to using it occasionally, I want to start egregiously abusing the reload option now after seeing what Ano said on the matter. He's not the boss of me.

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    • Ano is only proving my points with those replies...
      First off, being a "lucky find" and requiring grinding is exactly the same thing, so that argument falls flat right off the bat.
      Then he says "HE" wouldn't find it fun, so again enforcing his own play-style. He also says "a game that requires you to do that", when in fact the game doesn't require anybody to do anything, those willing to do so should at least have the option if they want to.
      His idea that it requires "self-control" to play HIS way, while dismissing those that prefer to play another way is just icing on top of this very messy cake....

      Either way, these changes are coming in 1.67 right? I'll see if I can add a tweak option to disable that when it arrives.

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    • It's too early to consider adding more tweaks for now. Making it just work was already a lot of trouble. Unless Bloodyshade says he's up to the task, of course.

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    • Whether savescumming is shit or not isn't really relevant in elona+ : natural, inferno and no future modes exist.

      That said, having a bonus to unique spawning for consistent playing is awesome, especially compared to the precedent iteration of "only one per in-game day" shit. That's the right kind of incentivisation/direction in my humble IMHO

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    • To me, I believe Ano is stating his opinion regarding savescumming for rare items, I would like to know his opinion on other reasons for it.

      Just as an example, I try not to, but I savescum if I am scouting out a dungeon floor that may have hazards, this was before the bomb rock messages.

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    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. This partial changelog for new version is massive. I guess Ano *really* wants to curb savescumming once and for all, both making it so there would be no need for it (triggers, kumiromi statue change, material scroll\kit change, stat-maximizer, corpse resistances, etc. etc.), which is actually kind of nice, and making it so one couldn't even if they wanted (auto-saving, auto-saving, and removal of quick-load), which is less nice.

      ...maximum wish chance from wells is going to be 25%, isn't it? 1% base, increased by 4% due to 40 karma and then it's all quintipled by the trigger.

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    • A QOL patch is always exciting. The material scrolls won't waste so much of my effort.

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    • Removing inconvenience is how games die.

      Streamlining is doom.

      Now that Ano got the mindset "gotta remove RNG", it's over.

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    • Maybe you should play the original and then this version, before saying that.

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    • I wouldn't say Ano is "removing RNG". After all, there's nothing stopping the game from dropping a swarm of legion mages on a DL 70 dungeon on you.

      Also, despite the other controversial stuff, guaranteed (if lowered) food bonuses is actually pretty nice.

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    • I'm sure someone will figure out how to keep the quick load functionality in the game.

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    • Sorry, but I am confused about the "reload penalty" and the "removal of quick-load" since I didn't find anything in the changelog mentioned about these things. Save/Load works just the same way as usual and I do not notice any penalty from reload . Really hope someone could explain some details. 0.0

      As for the new mechanism about rare drop thing. Personally, I totally agree with SiamJai and BloodyShade.

      If some else also want to avoid this mechanism, I would suggest we could use CE or ElonaME to change the FLAG value of the rare drop. The address of this FLAG is the 597th variable of the gdata array. 

      To track this flag, we could use ME and add a new term to the "Player" list with the offset value of 597*4=2388.

      Here is the screenshot about how it works:

      The flag will open again once the value is changed to 100.

      Hope it helps.

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    • Gamegame123 wrote:
      Sorry, but I am confused about the "reload penalty" and the "removal of quick-load" since I didn't find anything in the changelog mentioned about these things. Save/Load works just the same way as usual and I do not notice any penalty from reload . Really hope someone could explain some details. 0.0

      It is in "Partial changelog for next version", which is for 1.67 update.

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    • NeithR wrote:
      Gamegame123 wrote:
      Sorry, but I am confused about the "reload penalty" and the "removal of quick-load" since I didn't find anything in the changelog mentioned about these things. Save/Load works just the same way as usual and I do not notice any penalty from reload . Really hope someone could explain some details. 0.0
      It is in "Partial changelog for next version", which is for 1.67 update.

      Thanks for the reply. Wow, it really changes a lot...Orz...

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    • Gamegame123 wrote:
      Sorry, but I am confused about the "reload penalty" and the "removal of quick-load" since I didn't find anything in the changelog mentioned about these things. Save/Load works just the same way as usual and I do not notice any penalty from reload . Really hope someone could explain some details. 0.0

      As for the new mechanism about rare drop thing. Personally, I totally agree with SiamJai and BloodyShade.

      If some else also want to avoid this mechanism, I would suggest we could use CE or ElonaME to change the FLAG value of the rare drop. The address of this FLAG is the 597th variable of the gdata array. 

      To track this flag, we could use ME and add a new term to the "Player" list with the offset value of 597*4=2388.

      Here is the screenshot about how it works:

      The flag will open again once the value is changed to 100.

      Hope it helps.

      ElonaME? I've never heard of this. What does it do?

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    • wrote:
      Gamegame123 wrote:
      ElonaME? I've never heard of this. What does it do?

      Sorry, I didn't realize that there doesn't have any information about ElonaME in Wikia. It's a kind of memory editor specifically designed for Elona and its variants. I suppose Elosnack would be more available to do the same work since many of us may be more familiar with this tool:

      To track and change the value of Rare drop flag, just add a new term in the file of qdata.s1  with the offset of 2388. The idea is just the same as:

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    • A FANDOM user
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