• I started a new Elona+ wizard game once the big wizard changes had been made, most notably gaining spell potential every time you slept. I noticed that killing the bosses was a lot easier than before, but I thought that maybe a lot of it was my better playing skill. Then I noticed that I'd gotten my Magic Dart spell up to level 80, even though I was only at character level 31 and hadn't even completed the North Tyris main quest. I was using Magic Dart more than before, since spell stock lasts three times as long as before, and the spellbooks cost half as much as before, but I wasn't grinding it to the extent that it should have gotten to level 80 that quickly.

    So I'm wondering: is this like how potions of potential were too powerful for a while, which then got fixed? Or is playing a wizard supposed to be this easy?

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    • Don't see any problem. E+ scaled to way higher level than original Elona. Yep, you outleveled original content - you have 2 more continents to go.

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    • Hard to say if it is meant to be easy, but Magic Dart is an easy spell to level anyway.

      Thing is, you are likely going to replace that spell for Crystal Spear once your Literacy skill allows for it, I'm in this part now and leveling it. Magic Dart doesn't scale that well and is a single-target spell. I'm sure we'll end using it only for its low cost (mana, stock and spellbook cost) when we start fighting in Lost Irva.

      It was painful to level a high-level spell from lvl 1 to something decent before, even more than leveling Magic Dart to something good. These changes are making this transition way smoother. It still takes some days (in real life) and I often end below 100% spell potential by trying to level Crystal as fast as possible. I can level the new spell even on quite strong enemies (which I find often due to fame) without feeling I'm wasting my time.

      It broadened my spell repertoire as well. I can get more spells that are leveled enough to be useful than before. Speed, teleport, holy shield, feather, healing hands, Return, Identify and Divine Wisdom, sometimes Hero as well. I'd add Attribution shield, but my fairy is pretty much Superb in most resistances. Amazing racial.

      Maybe it's Magic Dart that needs revision, it tends to be used all the time. We still have to get a lot of books just to reserve spellbooks at the Mage Guild; another reason to have Magic Dart evolved so fast, you almost don't use other spells for quite some time due to how long it takes to enter this guild.

      But more important, those changes were for balancing the classes/playstyles. You should compare how fast pure spellcasters evolve compared to melee and ranged combatants before questioning if the wizard became too easy. The Fighers guild has a easier entry quest (kill 5 instead of 15), weapons and armors are easier to upgrade (with half cost if you enter the Fighers guild) and those not fighting with Two-Hand can buy a Shield Tonfa to quickly boost their damage and hit for only 55 small medals. You start to hit for 200+ very early with an archer or gunner this way, imagine a melee then.

      They got some interesting special actions as well, like Shadow Step (30 stealth, teleport to an enemy), Rampage (30 Marksman, double damage dealt and received), Shining Wave (60 tactics, attack at distance with magic damage based on Strength) and Zero Shoot (50 Marksman, melee shot that crits, doubles damage and hits as if at the optimal distance). You can even build a pure martial artist with the new special actions and weapons (Claws and Tonfas). Wizards aren't the only ones with a broader repertoire.

      Also, the game is bigger now, with three acts at the moment. Maybe they intended for you to complete the Main Quest in North Tyris faster than in vanilla Elona in order to access the new content. I can tell that the transition to a new act is quite a spike in difficulty; I think that it is the first act that needs a difficulty adjustment, not the wizard.

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    • Right now I have a level 63  wizard and a 49 warrior, my wizard has more defense then my warrior right now, but my warrior does at least 2000+ damage a turn, while my wizard barely hits it over 2k with lightning bolt + wet. I beat the first continent around level 30 with my wizard, and my warrior did it around 40... Shadow step and shining wave pretty much negate any problems with ranged or high dv monsters, and I still have yet to find exceptional swords for my warrior (Using mornblade which is ok but not amazing) Enemy with large pv aren't even a problem since I have chances to throw an absolute piercing attack. If you ask me, I think that wizards are strong early game, but lose ground compared to other sources of damage since only there are less ways to boost damage compared to other sources of damage. Especially since wizards have to waste turns hexing an enemy, which only sometimes works, while my warrior uses provke along with whatever elemental weapons i come across.

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    • As someone who has been playing this game for thereabouts to 4 years, there is something that I feel needs to be addressed regarding spell power and the like. Where spellstock now lasts 3 times as long, and spellbooks are half price, it makes zero difference in the end. I'm level 101, a Juere Wizard, and my Cure <Jure> lasts so little time, even with several thousand stock simply because of how high the cost is for it. It's also like... level 71, because I frequently will practice Magic Capacity using it. My Casting is so high that even with new spells I have a guaranteed 90% to cast it, except Wish, but that's a spell that gets harder and harder to cast due to its utility. At my level, my stats are positively insane. I have almost 13000 hp, almost 14000 mp, and I can deal almost 2k damage to a base level enemy with Magic Dart. Spell progression, I feel, is almost right where it needs to be. What needs to be slowed down is the spellpower of enemies. A basic Lich can hit me for almost 1000 damage with Darkness Bolt, when I have superb darkness resistance. Yet my own only does like... 1200 with 10 times the magic and almost level 50.

      Given, enemies are meant to be a challenge, so them being powerful is acceptable. Bosses like Azsrissil the Impure, are understandably powerful... but too powerful all the same. Not even a resistance of 400 or 500 to his elements of choice will save you. At one point I had over 700 fire resistance, and one of those powerful Yith Wizard enemies cast Meteor. It not only instantly killed my Yerleswood Type M that's level 160 with 28k hp, it also instantly killed my Lityou who also has like 19k hp, and dealt 7k to me. It didn't faze my Bell of Termination, nor my custom NPC called c-princess, which is a Catgod with the immune ele cBit. Enemy spellpower is what needs to be toned down, more than anything. When that kind of resistance does not bring the damage down to just a few thousand, it's insanely powerful. Especially since it can happen at random in high level dungeons.

      Just to put things into perspective, my LOWEST stat is 338. My HIGHEST is just shy of 500. I have 1208 evasion, I resist 89% +11d21 damage, and I two hand a rubynus claymore that enhances my spellpower a slight bit. Against later level enemies, the so called "little" resistance they get brings my 2k Magic Dart down to anything below 400, where I can take an insanely high amount of damage from something, like an Atlas, despite how much damage I resist. Siva the Destruction couldn't kill me as fast as an Atlas could, and that's saying something.

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    • I feel that might be missing the point of playing a roguelike if magical enemies end up weak. They have nothing more than some pieces of equipment and possibly unlimited use of magic, while the player has no real limitations and tons of options, plus meatshields. You can put up Contingency and buff/debuff everything, while still, enemies are stuck with those same unchanging stats.

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    • You're dealing the kind of damage i'd expect from your character. Honestly late game enemies start having much more HP than usual and better resistances, which lowers the damage potential of spells. (melee fighters don't deal much more damage either).

      My character has above 500 magic but i don't use offensive spells for a very good reason. A single use of the blade strings special action deals around four times the damage of a level 100 magic dart.

      Basically as it is both spells and melee attacks don't keep up with the increase in HP the enemies get (especially lv300+ dungeon bosses).

      Oh and the Yith enemy that cast meteor is probably Cthugha, the highest base level enemy on the game. They are supposed to be dangerous and deal a ton of damage to you, just look at their stats.

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    • I'm not suggesting they be weak. I'm suggesting that if a basic level Lich can score that kind of damage, that's pretty obscene, especially given all of my resistances are superb except poison, mind, and magic which are normal or lower. When I was dual wielding the Elemental Staff and Hiryu-To, I had 700 fire and lightning resistance, and as previously stated the Cthugha (forgot the spelling of the name and I'm a spelling Nazi, do forgive) nearly one hit killed me simply by nuking the current dungeon map. I was not aware of its presence, so when Meteor was cast I was not sure what was going on till I saw how much damage I took. My own Meteor is very high leveled due to the fact that I like randomly nuking Palmia for no reason, and it only deals roughly 2800 to me.

      The enemies having high hp isn't the issue. I just debuff them with Nightmare and spam Chaos Dart till they are ailed to hell and back and them wail on them, or sic my Bell of Termination and Catgod on it. I only recently learned about spell potential because I only recently started playing a more up to date version of the game. Since then I've been actively grinding my spells, which is why my Cure of Jure doesn't last long at all. It costs so much that out of 3 dozen spellbooks I might get 200 casts out of it. I two hand a claymore, so unfortunately I don't have the Blade Strings special action I don't think. Instead I build up the power gauge till I can gauge release and then use Diffusion Wave to score anything up to 30k damage.

      As for Contingency, Kosher, if I remember right no matter how high you get your skill level on that, it will only give you a 66% chance to be saved, and while you don't know it... my luck is terribad. Since it is so bad, I'd die at that percentage chance time and again.

      I once had my Bell of Termination duel multiple Gods to a standstill. A Five Head God, an Atlas, an Element Dragon, and a Stag God were all attacking my Bell of Termination, and it ultimately won in the end, suffering little damage. 

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