The Truce Ground, located north of Palmia, contains altars to all of the individual gods in the game, and a single, unaligned altar to the bottom right. Four fountains, a number of seeds, equipment and (possibly) furniture like black crystals are available for the taking as well. Items can be safely stored (any left there will never disappear) if no monsters come out of its four fountains.

It is the only place where you are guaranteed to find an altar of your choice, save for Jure of Healing in the Noyel holy light festival where there is an altar in the middle of town and Mani of Machine's, which can be found at the Cyber Dome. The altars can still be converted - make sure you are never going to switch to a god if you want to take over his or her altar, since it will be incredibly difficult to change upon the one you want.

It is exactly 15 squares north, 3 squares west of Palmia.

Elona+ Edit

The unaligned altar is owned by the new god, Yacatect of Wealth.

Yacatect of Wealth has an altar in Melkawn's casino.

God Summoning Edit

If you pray here during November while having enough favor to receive the third god gift (at least 4025) then your god will be summoned as an NPC. See Truce Ground Summoning for more detail.

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