the Oblivion Palace
Region South Tyris
Location (36,23)
Music mcUnrest3

The Oblivion Palace is a secret location in South Tyris, with an unmarked entrance three tiles north and two tiles east of Rehmido. The main feature of this facility is the re-initialization of the following data:

  • deepest dungeon level cleared ("Memory of the deepest Nefia")
  • guild affiliation ("Memory of belonging Guild")
  • background story ("Memory of before leaving on a journey")
  • saint/wicked feats ("Conscience and malice")
  • pet friendship, master/servant values ("Relationship with ally")

This service is offered by Maile the marionette shaman, located in the center of the area. Several NPCs of devotee of oblivion, mad scratcher and memory empty man are also found here, along with small medals.

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