I37-TempestColler The <Tempest coller>[sic] (a god jewel unidentified) is an amulet that you receive from worshiping Lulwy of Wind after wishing for and talking to her with a favor of 4025 or more.

The translated speech she gives when she delivers the gift is:

With this, I can keep you close and not worry about you running off. Look, it suits you well. You can't go outside until you agree that it's good.

Guaranteed AttributesEdit

It weighs 0.5s
Item-basicIt is made of obsidian.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-armorIt modifies DV by 0 and PV by 50.
Item-curseIt decreases your Greater Evasion skill. [#####+] (-1373)
Item-curseIt decreases your Evasion skill. [#####+] (-1373)
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to chaos. [##] (+50)
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The item number for the collar is 37 (Row 1, Column 4) using the character sprite zero-based position system.