Red book[You cannot make out who owns this]

Written by Rachel's brother <damaged>

(2 pages)

<Within this rotted book is a Letter>

<The Letter is faded Everywhere>

Rachel<damaged> I'll forget.

In order to retain memory of<damaged>

Your disease<damaged>

by modern medicine.

<damaged> himself out of hand.

No, I'm<damaged>


Your memories forever<damaged>

Secret Garden in the snowy field...

The location is the north 2<damaged>

And from the 4<damaged>

My sister is<damaged>

Requiescat in pace...

Notes Edit

  • This diary contains directions to the Mansion of younger sister. It's not necessary to find this diary to enter the mansion however.
  • Despite the text, this book is unrelated to the Rare Books quest.
  • This is one of the few red books that breaks the "autor Schmidt" running joke.
  • This book is not to be confused with the summoning diaries. Reading this doesn't do anything in itself.

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