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The <Stone Coin> (an old big coin when unidentified), is a unique throwing weapon found in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is wielded by <Hyper Yacatect>, a level 1200 God who spawns after the god <Yacatect> is killed. It drops upon her death.


It weighs 376.5s
Item-basicIt is made of metal.
Item-basicIt is fireproof.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-weaponIt can be wielded as a weapon. (1d400 Pierce 65%)
Item-weaponIt modifies hit bonus by -460 and damage bonus by 32.
Item-specialIt invokes Mist of Silence. [#####+] (450)
Item-specialIt invokes Chaos Ball. [#####+] (450)
Item-specialIt invokes Draw Shadow. [###] (100)
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to fire. [#] (+12)
Item-statIt increases your Charisma by 691.
Item-specialIt increases your chance to deliver critical hits. [#####+] (750)
Item-specialIt brings an end.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The item number for the coin is 42 (Row 1, Column 9) using the character sprite zero-based position system.

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