Your status effects are displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, above the mini map. Not to be confused with hexes/blessings (displayed in lower right corner and character sheet). NPC status effects may be displayed over their head as a small icon. Death is a cure for all status effects. Many will wear off on their own after many turns.

Name Icon Speed Effects Causes Remedies

Negates float

In Elona+, it disables Greater Evasion chances


time, the spell feather (Elona+ only)

Icon-poisoned Does damage over time. poison, chaos attacks, potions, special actions, certain foods, wells potions, rods, spells of healing type
Poisoned Bad!Edit
Icon-sleep No action The character is asleep and unable to do anything until woken up. Chaos attacks, potions, special actions, Unsteady status. NPCs such as residents of towns, will be in this state at random. Attacks, use whistle, instruments
Confused Icon-confused All skills are decreased, the character will walk randomly and will be randomly interrupted, causing any action to fail. Spellcasting will randomly fail with standard spellbook reading failure results. mind, sound, chaos attacks, potions, hard rain (worldmap), certain foods, unsteady status, wells, failed spellbook reading potions, rods, spells of healing type
Icon-fear The character is unable to attack. NPCs will run away. special actions, unsteady status, sustaining significant damage (NPCs only) potions, rods, spells of healing type
Icon-paralyzed No action The character cannot do anything and will not regenerate HP/MP. lightning, nerve, chaos attacks, potions, special actions, certain foods
Icon-blind Can't see and unable to read. Spells and special actions that requires you to target a specific enemy/spot will not be usable (since you cannot see); this also applies to blinded enemies. Dark, chaos attacks, potions, hard rain (worldmap), Getting into kotatsu (for 1 turn). time
Icon-bleeding Does damage over time. Cut attacks, giving birth potions, rods, spells of healing type

Increases fire resistance. decreases lightning resistance. negates invisibility.

In Elona+, it activates the swimming skill. Additionally, monsters are not able to self-destruct while wet.

rain, stepping in water, thrown potions, carrying a magaqua

being in a dry place for a few turns

Icon-drunk Occasionally causes you to walk randomly or vomit. Adds the Interested in a little tail t'night? dialogue option when an NPC has it. alcohol, wells time
N/A Causes stat loss over time and decreases recovery of HP/MP. sex. certain foods, certain cursed potions sleeping many times, certain blessed potions,

green tea (Elona+)

Very SickEdit
Icon-insane Inflicts random status effects. sanity counter is above zero, special attacks, certain foods, sex

eating sister's love fueled lunch, using Unicorn Horn

using Statue of Jure, relaxing at onsen in Larna, natural recovery over time (Jure's passive ability enhances it)

Icon-dim Occasionally causes you to walk randomly, reduces combat abilities and magic will randomly fail with standard spellbook reading failure results. certain attacks, potions, certain foods, unsteady status potions, rods, spells of healing type
No action
N/A Damage done and taken doubles. Rampage special action, taking damage when having the cFury bit flag, or being hit by the Provoke special action. Time
N/A Damage done is reduced to half. Browbeat special action. Time
N/A Elona+ only. Can cause you to unequip everything from a slot type when used on you, or make an ally attack you for the duration of the status effect when used on a pet. Unequipped slots cannot be used until the brainwash wears off. Eye of brainwashing special action. Magic Kiss or Squeeze special actions if your relationship with the target is high. Killing the brainwasher also works.
N/A Elona+ only. Increases damage taken by fire to 1.1x Occurs often when hit by fire-based damage. Wears off over time.
N/A Elona+ only. Reduces damage dealt to 0.9x Occurs often when hit by ice-based damage. Wears off over time.
Elona+ only. The next hit received will do 1/5 damage. Metal Guard special action. Lasts 5 turns or until user is hit.
N/A Elona+ only. Added in 1.54. Fire damage received is multiplied by 1.75. PV and DV will be multiplied by 1.3. Results from quaffing or getting hit by gasoline or essential oil. Cannot get Wet if under Oil status. But if already Wet when hit by/quaffing gasoline or essential oil, then both status effects will be in effect. Recovers with time, prayer, and <Vernis Original>.
N/A -10% Speed Reduction inventory weight 50% to 70% of maximum
N/A -30% Speed Reduction inventory weight 70% to 100% of maximum
N/A -50% Frequent damage, can fall down the stairs inventory weight 100% to 200% of maximum
N/A Cannot move Frequent major damage, can fall down the stairs, cannot use the Return scroll/spell inventory weight over 200% of maximum
N/A Cannot eat any more food. eating, drinking touch of hunger, time
N/A Three stages: black, then red, then red! special actions, lack of eating, drinking, vomiting eat, drink
N/A -10% HP and MP will not recover naturally, except while resting
N/A -40% HP and MP will not recover naturally, even if resting. Causes damage until cured.
N/A No action Renders you immobile and makes flavor text appear in the message window. After several turns passed, if nothing was implemented to stop it, the target will receive a dangerous amount of damage (500HP). Eating mochi and (probably) Kagami mochi. Does not happen all the time. Based on real-life cases. Bashing the suffering one. If you are affected, nearby friendly NPCs will attempt to save you this way.
N/A -10% Chance of failing any action that consumes stamina (note that failed attempts will still consume stamina); may fall down stairs, causing damage. (Elona+) Having 25 to 49 stamina Resting, drinking a bottle of soda, using blue capsule drugs. In Elona+, worshiping Kumiromi will recover one point of stamina with every other action done.
Very tiredEdit
N/A -30% (Elona+) Having 0 to 24 stamina
VERY tiredEdit
N/A -60% (Elona+) Having negative stamina
N/A May use a bed to sleep. not sleeping sleeping, napping (on worldmap), entering a shelter in bad weather, coffee (Elona+ only)
Need SleepEdit
N/A May fall asleep when resting.
Need Sleep!Edit
N/A Continuously drains stamina and prevents natural recovery of HP/MP, except while resting. Prevents player and pets from gaining XP. May fall asleep when resting.
Other conditions, listed in Feats menuEdit
N/A Causes vomiting when any foodstuff is eaten. Repeating this will cause stats - namely, strength - to drop. Drinking potions or from wells won't cause vomiting. Innkeeper's food will cause you to vomit but makes you bloated anyway excessive vomiting whenever food is consumed (mostly because of eating cursed comestibles)

Sleep many times and avoid further vomiting.

An easy way to deal with this is to purposely die on a Hunting/Harvest/Panic! Quest since there is no death penalty (in 1.22, however, you lose Charisma and Will for doing this!)

Milk and juice can help in the long term.

Try to get to Noyel and gather snow. Sustain yourself with it, sleep in the local inn whenever you can.

N/A Will result in a hostile alien child being born. Giving birth causes bleeding. drinking from wells, attacks from aliens, eating alien corpses drinking certain potions, get poisoned, vomit

Note that speed modifiers from starvation, exhaustion and being overburdened stack additively rather than multiplicatively; for example, suffering from both 'VERY tired' and 'Burden!' will add up to -90%, slowing you down to 10% of your original (buffed) speed.

When riding, only Weight status effects will affect speed; a tired, starving rider still has full speed as long as their mount is not slowed down. Sleep, paralysis, and unconsciousness will still stop a rider.

See alsoEdit

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