I686-Statue of Creator
The Statue of Creator (a statue of fishy statue unidentified) is a precious, usable statue that weighs 15 stone. They can be found in random dungeons and bejeweled chests, held by adventurers, and in other ways.

Statue of Creator moon gate vote dialog

A dialog appears when one is used in an uploaded map.

The statue elicits "It looks so dumb here" when used (t) in normal play. However, when used in a player-uploaded map (via moon gates or runes), it elicits "Watching this strange statue makes you want to throw something at it!", and an (untranslated) voting dialog appears on the upper-left corner of the game window:

Press the Esc key to return.
(Nick Name)(Charname)、なにをなげる? (What would you like to throw?)

...followed by a list, several input boxes, and other elements.


It weighs 15.0s
Item-basicIt is precious.

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