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Spiders are enemies that are either highly dangerous or a waste of time, depending on how well-equipped you are. All of them can use the Web spell, which creates sticky webs that ensnares you, preventing movement until you break free. Spiders are, of course, not affected by webs.

They are a favourite monster type for when the game decides to throw a swarm of monsters at you in a dungeon.

Tarantula and Black Widow meat is poisonous, but if eaten can provide resistance to poisons.

Types of Spider Edit

Spider Edit

Spider are the lowest type of Spider, they are non-poisonous and can be killed easily. They are roughly a level 1 encounter.

Tarantula Edit

Tarantulas are the next level of Spider. They are poisonous and have a high dodge. Their poison can easily kill you if you are backed into a corner.

Black Widow Edit

Black Widows are the second-highest level of Spider. They are very fast and poisonous. Their dodge is very high. They are capable of making you "Poisoned Bad!" in one turn.

Paralyzer Edit

Instead of having poison, Paralysers can paralyze you for long amounts of time (100+ turns). Dangerous in large numbers. By the time you encounter them you should already have at least one piece of worn equipment that negates the effects of paralysis.

Blood SpiderEdit

The strongest spider there is is ironically less dangerous than the paralyser. It has more health, but will not inflict any sort of negative conditions on you; it'll just bite.

PoisonRes = Superb

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