This page displays several changes to individual spells in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is posted here rather than the spells page because the available information can't match up with the more complete Spells page. This page has essentially been imported from the Elona+ wiki. Additional localizations have been applied to the list, with the basic translation provided by Google Translate.

For technical information on how spells function in Elona+ (damage, duration, etc.), see this page.

Spellcasting changesEdit

Later patches have added huge differences in some of the basics of spellcasting. Some of these are as follows:

  • You can now see spell potential on your spell select screen.
  • Spell Stock consumption is now lowered by 1/3.
  • Spellbooks now cost half price.
  • Sleeping will now let you gain 20% more spell potential on all spells that you have stocks for.
  • You don't train spells (or get any experience) from casting spells at monsters in a sandbag (as of at least version 1.33R, and perhaps earlier). This also seems to apply to utility spells cast near a sandbagged monster.

New SpellsEdit

The following spells are new in Elona+

Magic Effect Base Stat MP use (LV1) Remarks
Attribution ShieldEdit
Adds (82+L/2) resistance to all elemental damage except pure magic for (11+L/2) turns Will 14 Replaces Elemental Shield
Increase in DV and adds float, negates the Gravity status effect Dexterity 8 Spellbooks can be found for this spell.
Gem Edit
Increases Constitution and Charisma by 10% + (n) (Formula untested), RES+ paralyze, blind Constitution 12 Formula for length and increase untested, Added in 1.70
Ice BallEdit
Ice elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) Magic 16 Base damage change to 1d9?
Fire BallEdit
Fire elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) Magic 16 Base damage change to 1d9?
Darkness elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) 6d9 Magic 41 Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls
Summon spiritEdit
Summons random neutral War spirit, Gun spirits, Magic spirits, or Pudding spirits Magic 30 Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls. Levels of spirits seem to be based on player level. If cast in a shelter acts like summon monsters.
Thunder vortexEdit
Lightning elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) Magic 20 Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls
Nether WaveEdit
Nether elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) Magic 20 Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls.
Variable stormEdit
Invokes a ball spell centered on the caster. Casts Magic Storm, Ice Ball, Fire Ball, Chaos Ball, or Sound Ball, depending on what the user has the highest resist for. Magic Varies

Can be taught to a pet by <Leold>. Is not a unique spell, but simply causes the pet to use the relevant ball spell.

Mist of DazzlingEdit
Generates a sparkling mist on random panels near the caster. Those caught inside get 1/4 chance of cast failure. Magic 12 Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls.
Poison StormEdit
Poison elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range) Magic  ? Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls

Changed SpellsEdit

These spells have been changed from their effects in regular Elona.

Magic Effect Base Stat MP use (LV1) Remarks
Decreases resistance to mind, nerve, nether, poison, chaos, darkness and sound. Perception 15 Resistance decreases by 80, regardless of spell level.
Allows you to reroll your nickname, bringing up the random selection from the character creation. Perception 72
Holy LightEdit
Attempts to remove single hex from affected creature. Will 15 Direction can no longer be chosen. Unlike rod/scroll versions, spell affects all friendly NPC around.
Vanquish HexEdit
Attempts to remove all hexes from targeted creature. Will 36 Direction can be chosen for spell effect
Holy VeilEdit
Attempts to prevent hexes for a certain amount of time Will 20 As of 1.22, direction can no longer be specified.
Enhances HP and stamina recovery Will 16
Decreases target speed Magic 10 Maximum speed penalty is 50% of the target's speed.
Element ScarEdit
Decreases fire, cold and lightning resistance, and prevents health regeneration Magic 15 Prevents only natural hp regeneration. Healing from other sources (spells, special actions, potions, etc.) is not affected.
Crystal spearEdit
(Attributes, and no bolt (20 magic) 2d16)? Magic 20 Changed to a bolt spell like fire bolt.
Wizard harvestEdit
Wish rods are no longer generated by this spell. Instead, it supplies ancient books and rarely treasure maps. Charisma 46 Gold now falls down in one pile rather than multiple piles, reducing the risk of item deletion for going over the item limit. PP and medals are much more rare.
Causes enemies to ignore you for the duration of the spell Perception 39 As of patch 1.30, the spell no longer works on unique enemies.
Revives a non-hostile pet or NPC that died on the map. Will 60 Can only revive one character per map. Then you need change maps to be able to revive again (re-entering also works).
Speeds you or your mount up. Will 28 Maximum boost of 800 speed

In addition, Ice Ball (Ice Storm) and Fire Ball (Prominence) have had their names changed in the Japanese version, but those changes have not been reflected in the English one.

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