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Speed is the attribute that determines how often you get a turn. It also effects overland movement on the world map.

Being tired or burdened lowers your speed by 10% (Including equipment bonuses). Being VERY tired lowers your speed by 30%. These stack, so being Very Tired while Burdened! can slow you to a crawl. See Status Effects for more info.

Carrying cargo above your capacity will slow down both overland travel speed and movement speed in wilderness areas. Speed is also one of the hardest attributes to increase in the game, along with Luck, Life and Mana.

Your speed attribute is displayed on the bottom stat panel in between your charisma and DV/PV stats.

Methods of Increasing SpeedEdit

  • Drinking hermes blood, which can be bought from Miral and Garok's workshop for 30 medals, will permanently increase speed by 4.
    • Speed is on a Potential system like main stats, so multiple drinks of this potion will cause it to become very ineffective. Wish for 'skillspeed' to restore your potential (and add 1 to Speed).
    • In Elona+ hermes blood doesn't use potential, and instead increases speed by 4 uncursed and 8 blessed, regardless of how many times it's used. However, the prices at the workshop has been doubled from 30 to 60.
  • Wearing a Speed ring will increase your speed by the amount in its description.
  • Wearing a pair of Seven league boots (or any equipment that possesses the equipment attributes "It speeds up your travel progress") will not only increase your speed, but further lower overland travel time. Maximum speed boost appears to be 11.
  • Wearing equipment made of glass, ether, and spirit cloth will increase your speed by 4, 5, and 5 per piece, respectively.
  • The "agility" feats can increase your speed by up to 10.
  • Certain mutations can increase speed by up to 15.
  • Two forms of Ether Disease will increase your speed but have negative side-effects.
  • Eating the corpse of a Quickling or Quickling Archer will increase your speed according to its potential.
  • Worshipping Lulwy of Wind will increase your speed in relations to your faith level.
  • Drinking a blessed potion of restore body will increase your speed by 5 + 10% of base speed, with the effect lasting for 12 game months or until you die, whichever comes first.
  • Elona+ has several new methods of increasing speed:
    • The new potion "speed upper" will permanently increase your speed by 1, and will also set your speed's potential to 400%.
    • The traveling and swimming skills are based on speed, and hence using them trains speed, according to its potential.
    • The swimming skill increases your speed while you are wet.
    • Eating food which has been given the "(Herb)" attribute with a Pot of fusion will exercise all exercisable attributes, including speed.

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