For a monster of the same name, see Snail (NPC).


Despite the fears that one day the rats will inherit the World, thanks to the Etherwind it seems the snails have gotten a head start. Slow and dull, even the mightiest among them fears salt, garlic and butter. Still for those seeking a true challenge, one can hardly do worse than being a snail. Can you imagine the look of others when you inch ever so slowly towards them?



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Little 2-4
Icon-constitution Constitution Little 3-5
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Slight 2-3
Icon-perception Perception Normal 3-6
Icon-learning Learning Slight 2-3
Icon-will Will Little 2-4
Icon-magic Magic Slight 1-2
Icon-charisma Charisma Normal 2-4
Speed 25
Life 100
Mana 80

Trained SkillsEdit

Equipment SlotsEdit

  • Back
  • Shoot
  • Ammo


The item salt, while harmless to every other race, is fatal to the snail race. Anyone who dares to play the snail will always have to be careful of cleaners, since they throw salt at snails.

Why should I pick Snail as my race?Edit

  • You shouldn't.
  • At least, there's no in-game advantage to doing so, and there's plenty of reason not to.  While the golem and fairy have serious drawbacks, they also have huge advantages and ways to overcome their drawbacks. The snail is just weak.
  • That said, if you're looking for a challenge, if you think this game isn't enough of a grind already, snails are the hardest race to start as. Go as a tourist if you feel particularly masochistic. Warning: even putits will completely destroy you. 
  • If you do play as a snail, skipping the tutorial (which you won't survive, anyway) and going to get the little girl pet from Vernis immediately, and working towards getting platinum-farming skills like performer, gardening and cooking, along with speed-boosting riding and a horse may be the only path to survival.

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