The slave trader can be found in Derphy, and will buy and sell slaves. Slaves available for sale seem to be based on your level. Note that the cost of the slave isn't in proportion to its level. Fallen Warriors and Warriors of Elea both cost the same amount of gold pieces, for example, even though one is level 5 and the other is level 3. User-created creatures added to your game via Summoning Crystals found in moongates are also sometimes available; these can be useful in gene engineering as they seem to provide equipment slots more often than other slaves. If you don't want to purchase the slave that the Slave Master is offering, just talk to him again and he will present another slave.

Slaves are considered pets.

Slave buying price formula is 1000 + Strength * Constitution + Level ^ 2, capped at 50000. Slave selling price is 2/3 of buying price. Negotiation does not affect this.

Name Price(gp) L.A.
Punk 1081 1
gangster 1099 1
Wizard of Elea 1106 1
Yerles machine infantry 1179 1
Robber 1265 1
little girl 1434 1
Fallen soldier 1538 1
Warrior of Elea 1554 1
Public performer 1133 2
Thief 1067 3
Juere infantry 1979 4
nurse 1320 6
Rock thrower 1585 8
rogue archer 1457 10
rogue wizard 1499 10
rogue warrior 1628 10
Juere swordman 2153 20
Missionary of darkness 1778 30
mercenary wizard 2361 30
mercenary archer 2991 30
mercenary warrior 4764 30
Yerles elite machine infantry 2564 34
Master thief 5189 60


A few new types of monsters become available in the Elona+ mod. More testing is needed to establish exactly what level is needed to purchase them.

Name Price(gp) L.A.
Assassin ?? ?? ( <= 40)
Knight of Elea 7407  ?? ( > 65)
Bomb thrower 8030  ?? ( <= 54)

Elona+ also adds three new options to the slave master dialogue to allow you to narrow down the offered pets by level.

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