Skill and skill potential are inherited from both race and class. Skills can be learned or improved at a trainer for platinum coins, skill tickets (Elona+) and more rarely from wishing, or a scroll of gain attribute. Skills are governed by eight attributes: Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Learning, Magic, Perception, Strength, and Will.

Rate of LearningEdit

The learning rate (potential) decreases as you level the skill.

When learning skills using points on your character sheet, you gain experience equal to approximately (potential/1000) * 25 / ((skill level rounded down) + 6). This is accurate to within about 0.02 at worst, for a range of characters of different levels and stats (it cannot be correct, however, as for instance training a skill at 4.000, 120% always gives exactly 4.300, with both learning 2 and 5, and on a range of skills, meaning the gain is presumably deterministic). You then get the equivalent of one unit of training from a trainer in the skill (see Platinum coins).

Potential also affects how quickly you learn a skill via doing, and by reading out of textbooks.

Your potential in the skill drops every time you reach a new skill level, by the (current potential) / 10, rounded up, so 337->303, 307->276 for instance.

Based on these rules, starting from a level 4 skill with 120% potential (most starting skills are like this; new skills start at 1 with 50% potential). Since it only costs a few platinum coins to train new ones, it is advised that you train it via platinum coins, and leave the points from leveling up to invest in skills that are more expensive to train. Rough points investment for various levels, assuming you don't use PP and don't level the skill manually, is:

Level Points Points to next Potential after leveling
10 21 4 154%
15 43 4 167%
20 68 6 171%
30 134 7 183%
40 217 9 189%
50 317 11 196%
60 432 13 203%
70 560 13 220%
80 695 13 235%
90 837 15 247%
100 987 15 261%
150 1836 18 320%
200 2828 21 371%
See Platinum coins for a list of costs in PP if you level without points and use a

List of SkillsEdit

Icon-strength StrengthEdit

Icon-constitution ConstitutionEdit

Icon-dexterity DexterityEdit

Icon-perception PerceptionEdit

Icon-learning LearningEdit

Icon-will WillEdit

Icon-magic MagicEdit

Icon-charisma CharismaEdit

Changes in Elona+Edit

When skill levels are greater than 300, the exp calculation will use 300 as their values.