<Siva> the destruction
Level 200 Male Doggod Predator
Str: 615(Hopeless) Con: 720(Hopeless) Dex: 985(Hopeless)
Per: 871(Hopeless) Lea: 285(Hopeless) Wil: 319(Hopeless)
Mag: 253(Hopeless) Cha: 863(Hopeless)
Life: 120 Mana: 60 Speed: 2000
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 225 (2%)
Healing: 225 (2%)
Shield: 127 (1%)
Heavy Armor: 134 (1%)
Medium Armor: 134 (1%)
Light Armor: 134 (1%)
Evasion: 134 (2%)
Stealth: 238 (2%)
Sense Quality: 127 (1%)
Detection: 140 (1%)
Eye of Mind: 217 (2%)
Anatomy: 140 (1%)
Faith: 134 (1%)
Meditation: 134 (1%)

Long Sword: 134 (1%)
Axe: 134 (1%)
Martial Arts: 218 (2%)
Scythe: 134 (1%)
Blunt: 134 (1%)
Polearm: 134 (1%)
Stave: 134 (1%)
Short Sword: 134 (1%)
Bow: 134 (1%)
Crossbow: 134 (1%)
Throwing: 225 (2%)
Firearm: 134 (1%)


Fire: Superb
Cold: Superb
Lightning: Superb
Darkness: Superb
Mind: Superb
Poison: Superb

Nether: Superb
Sound: Superb
Nerve: Superb
Chaos: Superb
Magic: Little

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Hostile
Preferred Distance: 1
Movement Chance: 100%
When Below 25% HP: No Action
Basic Secondary (0%)
Melee Attack none

<Siva> the destruction is a unique hostile NPC in Elona+. He resides in the Fort of Chaos <Destruction> located on an island to the southeast of Arcbelc, in South Tyris.

Despite his harmless shiba-inu appearance, Siva is brutally strong. His incredibly high speed means that he will waste even well-prepared players occasionally. He is the big challenge for most players on this continent.

Siva has 146,785 HP, 6811 MP, 71% + 7d10 damage reduction, and 304% evasion as an enemy.

His melee attacks are capable of doing very large amounts of damage, doing around 3200-4700 damage with on a regular hit with 1030% accuracy.

After his defeat, he drops his card, statue, a <god heart>, and the precious <Dog whistle>, which can be blown to produce a ? over dog related NPCs, this has no apparent effect however.

Siva may be recruited with an Astral Light Pen, however the god recruitment penalty applies.


His name is almost certainly a reference to Shiva the destroyer, although the spelling Siva has been used in different RPGs to refer to similar forces of destruction. The name itself is also a pun involving Shiva and the Shiba Inu type of dog that is native to Japan.


Flavor textEdit


"Woof! Woof!"



Victory Siva wags his tail happily as he feasts on the bones of his kill.
Death "Arf..."

Wishing Edit

  • cardsiv creates a card of<Siva> the destruction.
  • figuresiv creates a figure of <Siva> the destruction.

Customization Edit

The sprite number for <Siva> the destruction is 325.