The initial layout of a ranch, with dryrocks at the bottom-right.

Base cost: 80,000 gp

Maintenance cost: 1000 gp/month

The ranch is a place that generates creatures and resources. By assigning one of your pets as a breeder, you can create more creatures of the same type. The creatures (both breeder and non-breeder) will also periodically create milk, eggs, and a few types of junk.

Ranches can set one pet as a breeder. They have an item limit of 80.

After completing the Main Quest, three game-years will pass, during which time the ranch will fill up with creatures and produce.

Creature breedingEdit

A creature living at the ranch will, over time, create more creatures of the same type. You may use this to your advantage by interacting with a creature to 'bring it out' (make it join you). Once it has joined you, you can use it as a traveling companion, for gene engineering, or even for profit by selling it to the slave master in Derphy.

Creatures will not always create more of themselves. Sometimes they will produce other types of creatures. For example breeding a younger sister or a little girl will result in a random creature, rather than another younger sister or little girl, about half the time. Furthermore, it's worth noting that if a creature does produce a different type, it will most likely be a lesser version of itself, e.g. a tarantula may produce a spider.

The general rule is, the higher level of the breeding creature, the slower the rate of reproduction. One can thus modify the breed rate by giving the breeder potions of descent (though this will have no effect on creatures which are only level 1). As an example, a Cupid of Love has 250 breed power. But if it drinks a potion of descent, the breed power will jump to 259. For a complete list of creature breeding power, see the breed list. Also, the first offspring can be obtained within 15-30 days, even if the creature has 0 breed power.

Creatures with low breed power will also have a lower maximum ranched offspring, whereas breeders with high breed power can nearly fill up the pen area.

You may also slaughter a creature in the ranch by attacking it. If you do, its chance of dropping a corpse is much higher. There is also a possibility to drop two corpses. Note that this only applies to creatures "born" at the ranch; summoned monsters will drop corpses at the usual rate.

The offspring of your pets/allies behave similar to people in the Party Time quest. They won't talk to you, but if they anger each other they will fight (again, sometimes dropping 2 corpses).


You may drop a fresh corpse on any of the ranch's dryrocks (at the southeast corner) to make jerky. Jerky is excellent to bring to dungeons as it have an extremely long shelf life. You may bring in corpses from other locations (such as dungeons) to make jerky. Corpses can be put inside a cooler box to prevent them from decaying. You can get one from completing the Puppy's Cave quest.


Ranches have several new features in Elona+:

  1. Using the register item gives you the "move a livestock" option, which lets you move livestock around.
  2. Using the rubbing special action while having a big brush in your inventory will increase the quality of the corpse it drops, and will also reveal any heritable traits it has (See the big brush article for details).
  3. Creatures born at the ranch might randomly gain new heritable traits (revealed by rubbing them with a big brush). Assigning such a creature as the ranch's breeder will cause further creatures born at the ranch to have the same characteristic. See the big brush article for details.
  4. Livestock can now be milked by using the Squeeze special action on them (this can be used to immediately identify what creature a Shade is imitating).

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