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Predator (Elona+)
Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: Not Bad Icon-constitutionCon: Good Icon-dexterityDex: Not Bad
Icon-perceptionPer: None Icon-learningLea: None Icon-willWil: None
Icon-magicMag: None Icon-charismaCha: None
Starting Skills

Sense Quality
Eye of Mind

Predator (プレデター puredetā) is a class largely used for animals and other things that don't use equipment. In vanilla Elona, this class is unavailable to the player.

In Elona+, the class has an expanded skillset and is available for the player to choose. It also adds a class feat that gives it an increased chance of inflicting a critical hit.

The skills listed are the Elona+ skills - the standard Elona skills of this class are restricted down to more basic skills like Tactics and a large bonus to Str, Con, and Dex, without having the large number of skills available as "balance". However, it is the only class to grant extra speed, meaning you will get +10 speed to start (and predator NPCs will have more speed relative to their level).

Given the focus upon martial arts and evasion, players could use the predator class as a de facto "monk" class.


The description is untranslated:

プレデターは基本的に装備品を身に付けず、格闘のみで戦う職業です。その洗練された動きから高い近接戦闘能力を誇ります。*[強襲] クリティカル率上昇。

In English, this roughly means, "Predator is a class for those basically without equipment, revolving around grappling. They boast high martial arts and evasion skills.*[Assault] - grants a bonus critical hit chance."

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Class FeatEdit

In Elona+ There were added Class Feats, in which each class got a special bonus, the Predator got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Assault] Increased critical rate Rate increase is 10%

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