The Philosopher's Stone Mask is a usable item in Elona+. Using it on yourself or a pet will allow you to change the name of the character's race. This is only cosmetic, and does not change the feats or anything else associated with the race. It is consumed after use.

It can be crafted through use of a Pot for fusion or a Pot of alchemist. The recipe can be found rarely in dungeons, or bought from a souvenir vendor, which costs 1,500,000 gold before negotiation price reduction. It requires one potion of mutation, and one of the 6 different evolution heart items. The description says that it takes 30 turns and 10 hours to complete. It requires 50 Alchemy and 150 in your Magic stat.

It is also a reward for completing the Dog Tail quest.

It could be a reference to the Stone Masks in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

The sprite for the Philosopher's stone mask is located at 824 (Row 26, Column 32) by the character sprite numbering system.

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