Icon-perception Perception Influences your ability to evade attacks, bonus to ranged damage, and chance to land a critical hit.

Perception can be quite hard to level in a timely manner if you aren't using Firearms and Marksman as your main source of damage. Fishing trains Perception, as does eating fish, especially if they are high-ranking fish (fruits also raise Perception), more so if Cooking is used. Another method is to have the sense quality skill, and then go to any of the random dungeons (preferably Puppy Cave) and loot a crap-ton of unidentified equipment. Your sense quality will level as you identify the equipment, and give you some much needed exp for your perception stat.

In Elona+ you can also train perception via using the detection skill when gathering material from sampling spots.

When you get the message "you feel more in touch with the world," that means your perception has gone up.

When you get the message "you are getting out of touch with the world," that means your perception has gone down.

As of the latest Elona+ patch, Perception is no longer associated with Eye of Mind.

Skills that train PerceptionEdit


  • skillperception will increase Perception by 1 level and train its potential.